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Sensing something just ahead, she slowed and brought the blaster up. A figure stepped out from behind a tree. It was the nightmare, and he was wielding a lightsaber unlike any she had ever seen in the stories she had read. Its beam was an intense, burning red like a controlled flame, and near the hilt, a pair of shorter beams shot outward, perpendicular to the main shaft. She fired, again and again. Each shot from her blaster he deflected with the lightsaber’s beam. Almost as if it were a game, she thought in terror as she continued to fire. He was playing with her. Until, evidently, he tired of it.

cute Alice in wonderland fanart!

this movie is one of my fav disney movies! everything about it so beautiful and fun to watch! I love sketching alice a lot everywhere and finally sat down and draw her in my pc (I’m really happy I included the other characters as well = v =)


Jack and Roger doodles

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Honestly this inspires me so much because I could never go to college to become a storyboard artist because we had no money and now I'm working as a waitress but this gives me a glimmer of hope that maybe it's not too late :,) thank you and congratulations!!



But I know what to say now. I have thought about you and I like you, and I like being with you. And..maybe I feel the same way. So the next time you tell me you love me, if there is a next time, I’ll say I love you too.