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Hayley Kiyoko is one of the purest humans out there we have to protect her at all costs

She’s literally the lesbian jesus that we need but don’t deserve

Needed to get this off my chest

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FOB: alright everyone’s annoyed with these long titles

FOB: let’s make em short

Me: holy crap the title is only one word

Me: this makes me uncomfortable

FOB: wait hold up uncomfortable?

Me: yeah

FOB: don’t worry pal we gotchu

FOB: stay frosty royal milk tea & bishop’s knife trick

FOB: we are back in business


Day 5 - Percy Jackson and the Olympians

I’d be one of the daughters of Athena. Since my father couldn’t accept that I’m a demigod, I’d live in Camp Half-Blood all year round.

“Knowing when to walk away, is wisdom. Being able to, is courage. Walking away with your head held high, is dignity.”

The worst thing about watching the Shanghai Dragons is that you KNOW the team has talent and the potential to make a really good first impression but everyone seems to think that they just plain suck and don’t recognize that these dudes apparently practice 13.5 HOURS EVERY DAY, 10:30 to midnight, and still need to fit in time to do all the other human stuff we need to do to survive. And you can see it in their expressions too. They’re TIRED. Not to mention I’ve heard some things about some corruption and mismanagement in the org as well.

Shanghai, practice is good, but SLEEP is better my guys. Your players might be a lot happier and perform a lot better if you gave them a break every once in awhile

Anyways, I stan for the Dragons now 🐲🐉

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Hey fran, i remember you saying todo is the one you shipped most in bnha and that made me think 1. What's your favorite/ most shipped todo ship and 2. What's your opinion on inatodo :0 have a swell day!

Ohhhhhh I do love the idea of Inasa and Todo, actually! Tho Todo doesn’t seem particularly interested, does he haha Ina->Todo is definitely sweet tho, and I’ve liked all the arts of the two of them I’ve seen, so why not! I do hope Todo will decide he does want to be Inasa’s friend in the end haha - as far as my fav Todo ship goes, it might be with Deku? Definitely the easiest one to see, so since I don’t have any strong feelings about his ships I end up there easily (also while it ends up looking completely different given the single characters personalities, story-wise there are a lot of paralels between tddk and krbk, so it’s really easy for me to see the possibilities in tddk haha) I like him lots with Iida and with Momo too, though, so I guess those are my top three :D


i LOVE the new critrole kids this is a Long Post TM but i literally couldnt pick just two or three favorites to draw theyre all just so good