fav marvel character

“Are you there? Somewhere? Keeping an Eye on all of us? Hah. Who am I kidding. Of course you are.”

Quick morning sky study. Kurt just somehow appeared to show up. <3 Somehow. >> Adding own weird combo of his uniforms, because I’m never happy with official designs.


List of favorite characters: [2/??] Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier

“I can’t trust my own mind. So, until they figure out how to get this stuff out of my head I think going back under is the best thing… For everybody “


I really need to buy a copy of this movie.
After all, Deadpool is #1 fav Marvel Comics character :D

ALRIGHT! I'm giving all you a challenge

Search the tag apartment goals. Pick a post that you see your fav Marvel character living in. Take that post and write me a description of the room.
Oh and I don’t mean the tub is brown, the chair is wicker yatta yatta. Do it with feeling and whimsical detail. Like “the exposed lights cast a glow about the room, almost as if to transport one back into the forties.”
Submit it to me and I have to guess which Marvel character you think would live in that space. Who knows? I might get some inspiration for a fic and put it in there (crediting you as a writing partner).
Now go my tiny fairies. Write your heart out.