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Imagine the look of admiration fanboy!woozi gave singer!you(who he r e s p e c t -obviously-) when singing one of his fav song.. I'm gonna keep going until you got the idea how thirsty i am for this au

I’ll just describe how I would feel if Woozi sang one of my fav songs ((which he actually did in the past, when he sang Park Bom’s You and I))

He would be in complete awe when you start singing. Like the song is already his favorite, the fact that you’re singing it just made his entire life. He’ll make sure to listen to the song every single day from that day onward.

You can see the literal sparkle in his eyes when he’s watching you. He won’t be able to take his eyes off of you when you’re singing. He’s just so into the entire situation of his favorite singer singing his favorite song.

((me too, honey. i wish more people would pick this au up because it’s so cute tbh >.<))

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Aand I’m on board for the Yuri Plisetsky week! <3 I coudn’t miss a week dedicated to my fav character! But I’m already late though 

I would say this entry is covering the first two prompt:

DAY 1 - Birthday (16.03)

DAY 2 - Family and Friends (17.03)

I headcanon that Yuri at some point would jump on Otabek as he does with his dear granpa Nikolai! <3 

And of course Viktor&Yuuri contacted Otabek and arranged this whole ordeal! :P 



clique six dynamics (as ranked by my followers): #8 - farkle minkus & riley matthews 

you’ve always been riley, that’s your permanent record. // you’re farkle and it’s a state of being. there’s only one. 


“BIG M” -  Lost my shit when Knockout flirted with Megatron, then used the fanon word for robot sexy times in the span of two minutes. KNOCKOUT, ONLY YOU COULD GET AWAY WITH SOMETHING LIKE THAT IN A KIDS SHOW!