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You’re an idiot.”
“Is that why you haven’t called me? Because I’m an idiot?”
“No.” Magnus strode toward him. “I didn’t call you because I’m tired of you only wanting me around when you need something. I’m tired of watching you be in love with someone else - someone, incidentally, who will never love you back. Not the way I do.”
“You love me?”
“You stupid Nephilim,” Magnus said patiently. “Why else am I here?
—  Cassandra Clare, City of Glass
Lance again

-this bitch knows so many languages, I’m not kidding, he knows Gaelic, and he will whisper sexual things in Shiro’s ears, Korean (yes Keith he heard your moonwax poetry about Hunk’s muscles and his caramel eyes), Japanese (Shiro often mumbles under his breath about Lance’s beauty), and so many more.

-he listens to any music from the 20s-to modern and any genre, he doesn’t care what era or what country as long as he likes it.

-as stated earlier he plays the ukulele, I’m adding the guitar (acoustic and electric), and the shamisen (I desperately want to learn how to play this grandiose instrument) and the classical instruments.

-his fav color is grey, or black. He also likes the rain. It makes him feel clean.

-he wears booty shorts and crop tops when he feels like it, which is often.

-Shiro is internally crying and trying not to jump Lance

-lance paints his nails azure and he made his nail Polish himself, fuck space malls and their outdated fashion.

-who the fuck wears parachute pants anyway??

-Lance watches The Addams Family, The Munsters, ghost hunting shows and serial killer documentaries.

-when Haggar does that magic voodoo bullshit she gets the fuck out real fast and vows never again. bc fuck the blue paladin is fucking horrifying, why does he know how to cook and eat a human?? Why does he know eighty ways to kill a man in an empty room?? What the fuck??

-Lance has existential crises on the ship, Allura hears him talking outloud about the inevitably of death and the numbness of existing,, she is shook and has to sit for hours to recollect her will to live, she vows to solidify Lance’s place in the team and thier hearts

-Lotor freaks tf out,,, how is someone so damn beautiful hanging about his such riffraff,,, he tries to snatch lance away after lacing his drink,, Shiro shoots Lotor in the ass for even trying to steal his koi.

-When Lance goes swimming Hunk goes with him, lance doesn’t go alone after he decided to go surfing at night on veradero’s coast. He was taken down and nearly drowned

-lance has always wanted to be a waterbender, so when a druid hits blue with a quintessence blast ending with lance and blue melding their quintessence together he gains the ability to manipulate the states of water he fucks around with everyone, Keith’s pants suddenly get wet, Pidge’s water stays in the glass (even when she holds it upside down), Shiro’s shirts are always wet and they stick to him like a second skin. Ice covers Lance’s arms and he panics resulting in some queen elsa bulllshit

-if you piss Lance off be prepared for a fucking guilt trip,, he will wreck you and your bloodline.

-He will call Shiro out on his favoritism daily,,, bc you can’t favor two people out of a crew of seven, including yourself, self care Shiro. Self care.

-Lance can hold his liquor like the Irishmen of old. Challenging him to a drinking contest is asking for alcohol poisoning

-Lance is a romantic/angry drunk.
(“Shhhirrooo, dance wif meee”///“I will kick your ass, I’ll kick my own ass, I’ll kick the Sun’s ass”)

-Lance always wanted to be a surgeon, or a coroner. The human body has always interested him, this explains why he watches those documentaries

-Pidge snaps one day at Lance for no reason, lance don’t play that white people shit where the young ones rule the damn world, Pidge now understands La Chancla™ and the fear. She also gets a timeout and naptime.

-Lance will mother the shit out of anyone and anything.

-alien refugees? Boom! Mother lance at your service!

-he gives Lotor a strict talking too, it doesn’t work and lance is left with a bruise the size of a volleyball.

-Shiro nearly kills Lotor with his organic hand.

-Hunk and Lance cook and bake and talk about boys. Pidge is ace, Allura is asexual, and Coran is faithful to his deceased wife

-Hunk is also Lance’s sparring partner, neither of them ever hold back, one day Kieth walks in on them and thought they were trying to kill each other

-lance dislikes the quite, he fills it with his voice so he doesn’t go mad with depression and kill someone.

-he contemplates death so much. It’s worrying

-the mind meld thing? Yeah, everyone comes out mildy scared and mildly threatened.

-Shiro thinks its pretty hot when lance rambles about serial killers, Shiro supposes it kuro trying to break out.

-Lance loves having shaved legs and wearing cute dresses and skirts

-florals are his favorite pattern

-this boy is a leggy boi.

-he wears heels and slays the make-up game.

-Allura is jealous.

cassandra clare's writing has evolved so much from City of Bones to Lord of Shadows I'm so proud of her

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One of my favorite parts of last night’s episode was when Magnus turned to leave and Alec just blurted out “I’m sorry”, as if he couldn’t get it out fast enough. But the best part was how the music ended at the same exact moment Alec said it. It just amplified the emotion so much. I think it was one of the best decisions the show has ever made. 

  • Julian: (to Mark) You need to act more like a human being, When we're out in public.
  • Ty: He doesn't need to act normal.
  • Julian: He bumped into a pay phone and said, 'Excuse me, miss,' on our way in.
  • Mark: It's polite to apologize.
  • Julian: Not to inanimate objects.
Magnus reached up and pressed his hand against Alec’s cheek, his brown bejeweled fingers a contrast to Alec’s moonlight-pale skin: Alec turned his face into the curve of Magnus’s palm and kissed it, and Magnus’s heart broke
—  The Bane Chronicles— The Course Of True Love (And First Dates)
My secret place-Lightwood family x reader

This is a about the 2nd youngest lightwood who feels like they’re being ignored. Its just a bit long. Sorry not sorry. Hope you enjoy.

Ever since I was born i’ve been in someone else’s shadow. Im (Y/N) Lightwood. Im 3 years younger than Alec, 2 years younger than Izzy and Jace and 5 years older than Max. Since im not the youngest Mum and Dad don’t pay me as much attention as Max needs but im also not old enough to make my own decisions or go on solo missions (according to my older siblings anyway.).
Now that Clary, Simon and Magnus are here its worse.

I always loved sketching but im not that good at it (in my/your opinion anyway) and don’t really show it off. One day at the institute we were all sitting in a spare room we (mainly me/you) had converted to a mundane style living room. I was sitting on the floor (there were no seats left) and Clary noticed me drawing and looked over my shoulder to see. “Oh cute! You draw too, let me see.” she said not giving me time to stop her before she had already took my sketch book. She started flicking through and my siblings all looked through it as well.
“Your good for your age.” Clary smiled. She meant it as a compliment but it made me feel small, like a child. I snatched it out her hands muttering a “Thanks”
“Hey why dosent Clary give you lessons (Y/N)?” Jace suggested.
“Yeah totally!” Clary said. I just smiled and nodded before excusing myself to go the bathroom. Instead I went to my secret spot  in the institute.

I was always one upped by someone else. Its so annoying. Anything I like or do someone else does better. I play (Your fav instrument) and Simon’s in a band. I like make up but Magnus is a god at it. Jace, well Jace is quite literality the best shadow hunter of his age, so no matter how good I get at (your fav weapon) he’s the best over all. Since Izzy’s so beautiful I try to style my outfits to live up to my siblings but she’s always jaw dropping with boys fawning over her. And Alec is the leader. Its kind of understandable because he’s the oldest but he’s always painted as the responsible one no matter how sensible I try to be.

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When it comes to Godfrey Gao

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or Harry Shum Jr.

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as Magnus Bane, there’s only ONE right choice in my book…

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