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You sound like a self entitled bitch lol. BTS stay breaking records and winning awards, what has EXO or anyone else accomplished? They stay losing members lol that Chinese guy is probably leaving by the end of the year, just watch. BTS is always gonna have the same members because they know team work and their brothership is true, unlike exo or others who pretends to be friends on camera. Take a seat, love.

oh okay…we’re talking about records?

and that’s just in the past year. it’s been a slow year for them, I wanna know if you start bawling when you see their records from when they debuted and in 2015. go ahead and Google that shit since you’re so smart, come back to me when you actually got a valid argument :)

and yeah, I’m sure bts is always cuddling each other and massaging each others asses when there’s no cameras lmao fuck outta here