fav haley scene!!


Braley Appreciation Week
Day 1: The Moment You Fell In Love With Them

“Every Night Is Another Story” (1x06)


favorite scenes: [3/∞] nathan and haley

“As many of you know, I called this press conference today to announce where I plan to play basketball in college. I’ve had a lot of great offers, but it’s always been my dream to play at Duke University. So that’s where I planned to go. But…”


favorite scenes: [4/∞] brooke and haley

“Karen’s Cafe was always so special to us. Karen made sure of that, and you too. I just thought maybe after you move I’ll reopen it and call it Karen’s Cafe. Maybe Jamie and Lydia will feel the same way that we did. Safe, you know?”


favorite scenes: [24/∞] nathan and haley

“You think I’m afraid? I’m not afraid of you. You can threaten me all you want. You can talk in your stupid riddles all day. You can take my world, you can take my life. But you won’t get my fear. I’m not afraid of you and I’m not going to be.”