fav gymnasts


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

30 Day Gymnastics GIF/pic Challenge (WAG)

Day 1: Fav Olympics/Worlds podium

Day 2: Gymnast who deserved AA Gold but never got it

Day 3: Cutest 2015 junior

Day 4: Gymnast who can best pull off a sleeveless leo

Day 5: Best resting bitch face

Day 6: Fav leo worn in 2015

Day 7: Gymnast with the best leaps (current quad)

Day 8: Fav gymnast instagram pic

Day 9: Best eye make-up (current quad)

Day 10: Gymnast with best gymnastics but worst personality 

Day 11: Gymnast that deserves to go to Rio but probably won’t make it

Day 12: Most artistic FX 2000-2008

Day 13: Fav Romanian gymnast of all time

Day 14: Gymnast who made you cry the most

Day 15: Fav US bar worker of all time

Day 16: Gymnast with the best wolf turn

Day 17: Fav Chinese gymnast of all time

Day 18: Fav British gymnast from current quad

Day 19: Fav Asian gymnast (excluding China)

Day 20: Most likely to beat Simone in AA

Day 21: Most under-rated Russian gymnast

Day 22: Fav pink leo

Day 23: Best french braid

Day 24: Fav FX pose

Day 25: Fav gymnastics meme

Day 26: Fav event final leo

Day 27: Fav national team leo (non-Big 4)

Day 28: Gymnast you most look like

Day 29: Best toe point

Day 30: Fav white leo