fav gym leaders

Blogs I need to find

For Rayquaza:

  1. Another Rayquaza (pref feminine for ships/shenanighans)
  2. A Wally to adopt
  3. A Fatina for him to fancily flirt with

For Zinnia:

  1. A Shelly to start AS!Zinnia and maybe to ship with
  2. Drake and/or Drayden (I think the multimuse with Drayden that I’m following is inactive)
  3. A Clair to Tsundere / (maybe) ship with
  4. A Winona to annoy (because Winona is my fav Hoenn Gym Leader)
  5. A Drasna to mother her

For Lacey:

       -    A MAY (or Sapphire)!!!!!