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don’t worry brother, i got ‘chu.
      you just call on me brother, i’ll mop up your piss!

Hello trainers! Its back again and now in a fresh new generation smell, the December Pokemon Challenge for 2017!!

Last year, #Pokeddexy didnt updated to an ORAS form, nor was updated at all. This year I have taken the chance to update it for the 20th Anniversary! The rules are the same: Draw the topic of the day, post it on your social media and tag it #Pokecember! Finish the challenge and earn a gorillion art points!

  1. Draw your fav. Normal-type Pokemon
  2. Draw your fav. Water-type Pokemon
  3. Draw your fav. Grass-type Pokemon
  4. Draw your fav. Fire-type Pokemon
  5. Draw your fav. Electric-type Pokemon
  6. Draw your fav. Flying-type Pokemon
  7. Draw your fav. Ground-type Pokemon
  8. Draw your fav. Fight-type Pokemon
  9. Draw your fav. Psychic-type Pokemon
  10. Draw your fav. Bug-type Pokemon
  11. Draw your fav. Ghost-type Pokemon
  12. Draw your fav. Poison-type Pokemon
  13. Draw your fav. Rock-type Pokemon
  14. Draw your fav. Ice-type Pokemon
  15. Draw your fav. Dragon-type Pokemon
  16. Draw your fav. Steel-type Pokemon
  17. Draw your fav. Dark-type Pokemon
  18. Draw your fav. Fairy-type Pokemon
  19. Draw your fav. Alolan Form
  20. Draw your fav. Mega Evolution
  21. Draw your fav. Z-Move
  22. Draw your fav. Single Stage Pokemon
  23. Draw your fav. Legendary Pokemon
  24. Draw your fav. Generation + Trainer
  25. Draw your fav. Starter
  26. Draw your fav. Trainer Class
  27. Draw your fav. Rival
  28. Draw your fav. Gym Leader
  29. Draw your fav. E4 Member
  30. Draw your fav. Evil Team
  31. 20th Anniversary Moment! Draw your most cherished Pokemon memory! [Could be in-game, or maybe the moment you fell in love with the games? What made you a fan for so long?]

The goal of the challenge is to have fun, its not a race or a shame if you cant finish, after all, the holidays can get quite busy! Either way, give it a try and join the fun! 

anonymous asked:

a friend told me someone they knew had just recently moved in to a new house with some roommates, and every night at like 4am all the pots in the kitchen would crash to the floor and wake them all up. they had no idea how to stop whatever it was so they consulted a ghost expert who told them to try first to ask the ghost to stop. they didn't know what to say so they left a note on the fridge that said "please stop, we love you", signed with their names, and apparently it never happened again


Space family cookies!!! I wanted to make these forever ago but…I only just decorated them (because of that some of the originals got eaten and my sister recut Sabine, Kanan, and Zeb for me, this is why half are gingerbread and half are sugar cookies XD)
I also made a Loth cat because why not?
I kind of based the designs for these off of @meldy-arts season three sticker things, because they were simple and cute!
I was going to write or draw something else for Christmas but…this might be all I do XD
Merry Christmas Eve! (And Merry Christmas too cause it’s almost here!)