fav gentlemen

I have run into this sort of thing a few times before myself.

The man in the story did almost everything right and should be used as an example of how to act/react. He was polite and mostly professional in his conduct, at the point where the police were called he waited and patiently/professionally answered the polices questions. That said he was very wrong in that he escalated the situation with his Allah joke, and while I found it amusing the entire incident could have been avoided.

The woman in the story did almost everything possible wrong. She made a big deal out of a non issue (legal carry, not being agressive, not threatening, etc…). She then confrunted the gunman who if he had been the terrorists or criminal she assumed him would have put herself and her children at great harm. Then she took his joke as a threat (bad on him for joking bad on her for freaking out) although ironically he was acurate (if memory serves both the bible (luke) and quran admonish you to arm yourselves). She then fled minus a child (part A of why she was likely arrested), filed a false report (part b), and created a public distance (part c).

Ladies and gentlemen take note. Be polite and professional with each other, know the laws, and do your best to make those around you comfortable with your carry. On the flip side ladies and gentlemen if you are antigun also be considerate, the burger joint is not the right time to have an impromptu intervention with a complete stranger who is doing no harm…