fav gear

OneShot Kid!Gear

Mmmm OneShots a real good game

Breakin the 4th wall and stuff man

and you literally only have one shot

Kid!Gear belongs to @underloadhell


Thanks to @angelandsilverlover for the request!

Part 6: What happens when you combine three spirits? You get some powerful gods with the power to manipulate time and space. I gotta say, it took me quite a while to decide on a design for each that I really liked (how do you even add time eater its literally just smoke??), but I think these are the best combination they could have.

Jezza is presenting HIGNFY tomorrow night.

So, no doubt, social media will be full of BS about how he’s the epitome of evil. Consider this a bit of balance. I have my own experience of his kindness, which is unimportant in the grand scheme of things like…

The literally hundreds of millions he has helped raise for charities 

His personal kindness to those who are seriously ill and disabled (if you’ve ever been to Dunsfold you no doubt saw visitors who were obviously recovering from, or fighting, some huge medical issues.)

Or that, unlike the many right-wing haters he gets lumped in with, Jeremy wrote this about the refugee crisis while the tabloids were still letting Katie Hopkins squeal for dead bodies in the sea: 

“how’s this for a novel idea? We accept that the people who are fleeing Libya, Syria, and other countries where Isis is running amok are human beings and that they are not coming to Europe because of our benefits system or our health services. They are coming because they don’t want to have their heads cut off with a rusty kitchen knife. And here’s the thing: if we are human beings too, we should let them in. Look at it this way. If your neighbour’s house burnt down, you wouldn’t tell him that your house was full. Even if you neither liked nor trusted him very much, you’d make up the sofa bed and invite him to spend the night. Or is that just me?”

Yes, Jezza can be ‘problematic AF’ but he’s not just that.