fav ep ever

UGH today was so awesome


a collection of scenes that always hurt my heart:  Teen Wolf 3x06 (Scott/Stiles)
- Do you remember the way it was before that? You and me? We were nothing. We weren’t popular, we weren’t good at lacrosse, we weren’t important. We were no one. Maybe I should just be no one again. No one at all. 

[because I think Teen Wolf has this sort of superficial bad rap (I mean it’s called Teen Wolf like really) and a kind of intense fanbase, so it wasn’t until this precise moment that I knew I’d be all in, forever. Because at its core the show isn’t about Sterek or superflous villains or even werewolves at all. It’s about two kids who have to grow facing horrible, insurmountable things and yet keep coming out alive, together, just as they always have and always will. Because the score and beautiful writing and the biggest brotp that ever was.]


“Villager B can fight too!”

i used to like yachi, but now that i’ve formally met her, im in love ♥ ♥ ♥