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Relationship Status: Single

Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick, though I hardly use it. Prob should start using some more often. Lipstick just looks odd on me tbh

Last song/music I listened to: We Can Make The World Stop by The Glitch Mob

Top 3 Shows: Oh jeez, I hardly watch shows of any form. Uh..I guess Young Justice, Batman the Animated Series, and that one show where they visit haunted places and tell you the history of it? I can’t remember the name. Haunted History? Haunted America? Most Haunted? I’m terrible, sorry lmao

Top 3 Characters: Oooh this is going to be v tough. I’ll do top 3 favs of different franchises. Dick Grayson (DC), Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect), and Johnny Gat (Saints Row) 

Top 3 Ships: I actually don’t ship a lot. It’s not really ‘my thing’ buuut Shakarian, Zevran Arainai/The Warden, annnd The Boss/Johnny/Aisha

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⭐10 characters from 10 fandoms⭐
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1. chris redfield : resident evil
2. dick grayson : DC
3. kazuhira miller : metal gear solid
4. anakin skywalker : star wars
5. maxi : soul calibur
6. rick grimes : the walking dead
7. starkiller : the force unleashed
8. light yagami : death note
9. lelouch vi britania : code geass
10. sebastian castellanos : the evil within

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