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if you think that i’m getting back into doctor who after several years of not watching it just because bill potts is a lesbian then you are absolutely right anyway can you believe she has an alien water girlfriend,

We are… The Brotherhood Of Choad!

There’s a lot of shitposting text fallout blog and they’re great and all but someone needs to start one where artists come together to redraw populars memes and shitposts as our fav companions. 👌 if anyone ever starts a blog like that, let me know cause I’d be down to join.

What your Fav Companion says about you
  • Cait: You like women who can beat the shit out of you and you are unashamed.
  • Codsworth: Have a thing for british guys. Probably like Benadryl Cucumber
  • Curie: You're one of those people that baby-talks cats. they're so cute. So precious.
  • Danse: you like to suffer. also you like big bara tiddies.
  • Deacon: You like watching Catfish on MTV
  • Dogmeat: You either are an unproblematic cinnamon bun or you just want to kill everyone and everything and have no backtalk from your companion.
  • Hancock: you like to sin and also you like the tingling of radioactivity on your gonads.
  • MacCready: you love whiny assholes and loud bottoms.
  • Nick Valentine: You love watching those old timey detective/mafia movies. Also you unashamedly fuck robots. You flip off the Prydwen whenever you bang the toaster.
  • Piper: you like manic pixie dream girls.
  • Preston: You are the most selfless person on the planet. You have no flaws.
  • Strong: You like to eat people and not get yelled at for it.
  • x6-88: most likely to become a trained assassin.

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(This post is not M*ffat friendly) 

Classic or New: I certainly prefer New but I also wanna watch more Classic

Fav Doctor: Although I haven’t seen them all extensively, they’re all precious dorks that I wanna protect and I just can’t bear to pick between them, especially bc they’re all the same idiot, bless

Worst Doctor: See above 

Fav Companion: Rose, followed by Donna, Martha, and Jack

Worst Companion: Hold on to your butts. 

Imagine DW is a restaurant. BBC are the restaurant owners and managers; the showrunners (i.e. RTD, M*ffat etc) are the executive chefs; what they write in terms of plot and characters are the dishes; and the actors are the servers. I hope that all makes sense. We all have our favorite items on the menu. When a head chef changes, often times the menu does as well. Naturally the new chef will have a different vision for the restaurant than the previous, and the food is always affected first. This isn’t inherently a bad thing. Maybe some people discover new entrees on the menu that they love, and that’s fantastic. Others might find the new menu disagrees with them, and that’s okay too. Sometimes chefs may even try to pass a new entree off as the old one that the previous chef was known for. 

What I’m trying to say is, I don’t like being served underdone steak, having that be covered up with ridiculous and unnecessary plating/presentation, while pretending this new chef isn’t trying to rip off the old one. Do I blame the steak for it? No. Do I blame the servers? Absolutely not, they’re delightful. 

I blame the chef. 

Top 5 Episodes: Rose, The Unquiet Dead, Bad Wolf/PotW, New Earth, Tooth and Claw, The Idiot’s Lantern, TIP/TSP, The Stolen Earth/JE  (oops is that more than five? :P)

Any DVDs: Season 1, Seasons 1 - specials box set, season 5 - 7 (which I’m honestly not sure why I own??? Willing to part with them if anyone wants em)

Fav Moment:

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Didn’t love her my ass. Look at our boo runnin’ and lookin’ at her with every fucking ounce of happiness in his skinny ass body playing out on his face. Never ran faster since he met her, guaranteed. 

(This, plus any time they give each other heart eyes… which is quite frequently XD) 

Scariest Moment: When Rory was stuck in that basement with the weeping angels and his light goes out. Good lord is that ever the stuff of nightmares. 

Saddest Moment:

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Missing Episode you want: The Stone Rose in episode form, I guess. Every episode that would’ve followed s4 if a certain showrunner hadn’t taken over

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