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“Blue…do you remember what I just said? No matter the reason, you shouldn’t steal. If you promise me that you understand now…The third Pokédex. Now you are also a trainer from Pallet Town.”


10 Favorite Video Game Characters 
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so guess who finished undertale after months of putting it off.
i’ve been so busy lately aughhh but last weekend i decided to just finish the game already and i was very pleasantly surprised! : D

these lovelies were my favs gosh you precious souls!!!
but i couldn’t just leave out the others so I drew them in the back haha.

Pacific Rim: Well written and developed female character fights aliens with her golden retriever

Winter Soldier: Well written and developed female character fights the government with her golden retriever and bird

Mad Max: Several well written and developed female characters fights everything with their confused golden retriever 

The Force Awakens: Well written and developed female character fights the new galactic empire with her chocolate lab and his space flying guatemalan dogo boyfriend.

As I work through analyzing some of my favorite characters and the hows and whys of my affection for them I am discovering that I am a sucker for a highly competent character that gets thrown into situations that are outside of their skill set and/or completely fish out of water and the resulting character development. 

Get it? :’D

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hey, just for fun, can you guys share with me some of your favorite boy/girl platonic pairings?? i really enjoy pure and sweet m/f friends who are just simply besties, bonus points if they’re the main characters! it’s kind of a rarity to see in a lot of media nowadays 

Fandom Tag ! Rules: List your 10 favourite characters from 10 different fandoms (in no particular order) and then tag 10 people.

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No particular order bc it’s impossible to me to make top 10’s in a particular order ;___; I really doubt about which one’s put on bc I don’t usually have favorite characters(or I love all of them and I can’t choose), this time I make my best

10. Aelita Schaeffer (Code Lyoko [fav childhood character yas, don’t judge me])

9. Riley Matthews (Girl Meets Wold)

8. Rapunzel (Disney Universe)

7. Papyrus (Undertale)

6. Stiles Stilinski (Teen Wolf)

5. Armin (Amour Sucré/My Candy Love/Corazón de Melón)

4. Percy Jackson (The Olympians/The Heroes of Olympus[forget the films])

3. Nico Niyama (Kiznaiver)

2. Mako Mankanshoku (Kill La Kill)

1. Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)

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Handy Dandy Hamilton Character Guide

Characters in both Acts:

Alexander Hamilton: Smol with great eyes. Has literally no chill. Obsessed with rising above his station and feels like he wasted his youth, so is constantly doing EVERYTHING. Does not like being treated like he is smol. High Key genius. By taking every chance he is given, he rises up and falls. 

Aaron Burr: Wants to have all the chill. Has no chill whatsoever. The actual founder of the slytherin house of America. Also gets all the best songs. Really wants to be a part of everything but is scared to let his parents down so he’s really careful all the time. Is, however, a great dad in real life.

George Washington: Everyone’s dad, even when they don’t want him to be. His voice is so pretty you forget that he owned slaves.

Eliza Schuyler: Cutie McCuterson. Does everything right, and yet is still punished (because America hated women lol). Real life, had six kids and was a boss mom, still did a bunch of charity. Loved Alexander all her life, she deserves everything good.

Angelica Schuyler (Church): The Beyonce of the show. Possibly THE smartest person in the play. Ultimate big sister. Low-key good at 1700s era sexting. In real life, tons of founding fathers were into her.

King George: actually the King of Sass. Great hair, better strut. Not so good at the consensual love songs.

Act One Characters

Lafayette: Raps 19 words in 3 seconds. Actual french hero and in real life, colonies would have competitions when he toured to see who could impress him with their greetings. Gets shit done. 

John Laurens: the number one abolitionist of all time. Actually led a troop of all black soldiers. Prince of everyone’s heart, including Hamilton’s. 

Hercules Mulligan: needs no introduction. Actually personally saved GW’s life two times. Worked with his slave, Cato, to do lots of undercover work. Real life, was actually Hamilton’s first friend in America, and they probably lived together for a time. Brash and loud and will fuck yo’ girl and steal your horse. Underappreciated tbh

Peggy Schuyler: in the play, completes the destiny’s child trio they have going on, looks good in yellow (which is impressive). Real life, fucking volunteered to go through a British raiding party to save a baby, deserves her own play tbh.

Act Two Characters:

Maria Reynolds: Hottie. Possibly has the best voice in the entire play, definitely inspired the song ‘Poisen’. Supergenius in scamming or victim of the patriarchy? Possibly both, it’s rather ambiguous. 

Thomas Jefferson: Really into the old money vs. new money thing (bascially Tom from The Great Gatsby). Real life foodie and possibly obsessed with france. So charismatic you kind of forget he owned slaves too.

Madison: Was actually bros with Hamilton at first (helped the write the letters defending the constitution) but had a falling out. Real life, was known to be very objective, feared majority rule because it could hurt the minorities, and a super nervous public speaker. The deadpan to Jefferson’s flamboyance.

Philip Hamilton: deserved better, we’ll never be ready to talk about him just let me be sad in peace. Real life cutie.