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May I hear one of lances pick up lines?

Lance: Well… this one isn’t really… work… appropriate ;)

Hunk: No… Lance, don’t.

Lance: I like my coffee like I like my sex…

Pidge: Overpriced and from Starbucks?

Lance: Uh… no. H-

Hunk: Frequently and in the mornings.

Lance: Well… that’s nice but no. H-

Shiro: Dark and steamy?

Lance: Not a bad answer… I’ll save that for later. What I was gonna say was h-

Keith: In a mug.


Pidge: This is why we don’t let you do pickup lines.

bts reacts: coffee shop ballads

requested :  can you make bts reaction to their crush performing a ballad song (coincidentally is their fav song) at the cafe their crush works at? :)

a/n- i’m sorry this is cheesy and awful i could have done so much better i haTe mYsElF

yoongi: initially, his plan had been to visit the cafe for the coffee and the peace- maybe he had also given a seconds thought to who worked there; but only a second, he would insist that you didn’t think anything otherwise- partly to wake himself up, and partly because whoever lived in the flat next door had decided it would be a wonderful idea to start drilling together new furniture.

he’d casually be sat by the window, watching the rain spit against the glass and disturb the remaining condensation as he stirred his coffee- it was probably a good idea that he had decided to drink it slowly, considering the fact that they were there? on a soapbox? being all cute? he couldn’t handle it? little questions, like ‘i never knew they could sing?’ and ‘they listen to this artist too? blessed’ and i just- soft whipped yoongi is a thing and it is thriving, and you can be sure as hell that he’s glad that his neighbors decided on today of all days to refurbish.

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hoseok: it had been three years, he had decided, since he had last heard that song. the song itself, he loved. the person he associated with it, however- that was a different story. the person he had associated this song with for three years, the song that had been their song, didn’t give it any positive connotations at all, made him not be able to stand the soft tune at all. 

so, how was it that now the song belonged to another’s voice, albeit muffled amongst the sound of hushed conversation and porcelain on porcelain, could make it sound as lovely as it once did? maybe, he decided once again, that three years was too long to stick with the stigma. maybe, he thought, that this was what he needed.

“you don’t know me- or i mean, i don’t think you do, at least- but i just wanted to tell you that i love the song that you did today.” funny, he never saw himself as a nervous person until now.

“you know the song?”

“yeah- it’s one of my favorites, actually…” funny, he never saw himself as an awkward person until now.

“i’m glad- me too.” with a small nod they were off, out the door, only turning around for a small smile and addition of, “thank you- i hope you have a lovely rest of your day.” funny, he never saw himself as someone who could grow fond of someone that quickly.

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namjoon: the usual?

“do i really come here that often?” he said it as if it was a surprise to him, the amount of time he spent at that coffee shop.

“i can expect you at 6pm on weekdays and 10am on saturdays. blows my mind how you can be so consistently punctual.” you handed him the coffee, which he took gladly - he hid the fond smile that he had when he saw how you’d scrawled his name across the cup. “it’s also baffling how you can order the same drink six times a week and not be either broke, or bored of it yet.”

the other baffling thing that had not been mentioned was the fact that he could turn up at the hour of the acoustic set every week, listening to the same song every week, and it still had the same effect on him as it did the first time. just like teh coffee, he just couldn’t grow bored of it.

“anyway, enjoy your drink!”

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seokjin: the song; it was one that he knew, and one that he knew extremely well. even without the proper acoustics and minimal percussion that would usually ascend into a crescendo at the end of every bridge, he could recognize it from the acapella. he would eye the void where another person usually stood- starting an inner turmoil between staying sat where he was and watching from afar as he would usually do, and wanting to fill the empty space, where a partner was vacant. in the end, he just listened along, unconsciously smiling and swaying side to side dozily.

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jungkook: if there’s one thing to say, it’s that he’s better at portraying nonchalance than taehyung is. slightly. he’s better at hiding admiration, and also a lot better at disguising the pining too. not that he would pine necessarily, he’s just pretty enthralled, to be honest; get’s teased about it a lot, bless him.

it’s probably a good job that’s he’s got the shook™ face nailed because whatever he was expecting when he went to grab a morning coffee, it hadn’ been that. needless to say, it made his day week, month, year, decade, century he feels blessed™ - and it also gave him a reason to get out of bed and get coffee in the morning.

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jimin: “did i do okay?”

“of course you did! i don’t even know why you’re asking, you know you did!” cutie would be full of words of praise and reassurance, repeating almost like a mantra until it became a back and forth of “you did great”s and “thank you”s. he would be smiling, smiling brightly- but there was one thing that made the smile drop from his face like a hot stone.

“do you think they noticed? do you think they liked it?” he knew, he knew all along that song wasn’t meant for him, it would have been foolish for him to think in such a way, but it still hurt watching you look at another person who was sat across the room, sipping coffee with an uninterested expression. he flicked between your hopeful face, to the deadpan ‘they’ in question, and sighed. unrequited feelings, he decided- especially when they’re for your best friend- suck.

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taehyung: subtlety? he doesn’t know her. it didn’t matter the number of times that he would go to watch and listen, no many times that it would happen and catch him off guard, no matter the amount of times he heard that one same set, he would still have not mastered the art that is nonchalance. it would be as if he didn’t have it in him to suppress anything, and wore his emotions on his sleeve and on his face, through dreamy eyes and infamous blanks, and made it blatantly obvious that he was as enamored with the person singing the song as he was with the song itself.

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pastry chef! zhong chenle!

you can find the members’ i’ve written at #worker au!!

•one of the sweetest cutest pastry chef you’ve ever seen

•chenle’s favs in the cafe are probably the cakes especially green tea cake

•enjoys working in the back room but he’s clumsy af and the others have to look after him so he doesn’t burn himself with the oven

•smells like vanilla essence he nearly accidentally spills every time

•wears that little brown apron covered with flour that makes him look real cute

•there’s always bits of flour covering his face and it makes him extra cute when he smiles and the customers just nearly can’t take his cuteness

•i think chenle’s favourite job to do is decorating the cake like he gets to use as much frosting and cream as he likes and sprinkle just whatever onto the cake as long as it looks nice

•can make candy like taffy, toffee and all those and he can make them into pretty things like flowers

•once he made a cake and put a candied rose on it and was displayed the cake was sold in about five minutes with people arguing about which one of them gets the cake and chenle didn’t make it again bc he doesn’t want the customers to fight

•one day you just wandered aimlessly down the same street where the cafe was since you had nothing to do

•you initially wanted to sneak into your parents’ extra car for a drive but then you didn’t want to risk your life so you gave up lol

•while walking past the blocks you found a little signboard standing beside a colourful framed glass door, the daily menu scribbled with colourful chalks and cute drawings were drawn by the side so you entered

•the interior was also just like the board by the door, all colourful in pastel colours in a aesthetic way and a display case showcasing the treats

•there were lots of people in the cafe at an unusual time which was like three in the evening where people were either at work or just staying home but you didn’t bother it much and went to order a cake

•that was the hardest choice in your life at that moment

•the cakes were all decorated beautifully with the cake’s main ingredient’s colour without like a whole bowl of cream just simply and they were all your favourite flavours

•someone behind you grumbled about you taking too long and you just decided to ask the friendly looking boy standing behind the counter waiting for you for a cake suggestion whose name tag says chenle

•for a moment you just stared at him, marvelling at his cute face which just screams that he’s the epitome of cuteness and the flour on his face and the small baker hat didn’t help with you gushing internally about his adorableness

•chenle - “hello?” he says as he waved a in front of your eyes and you snapped out of it and composed yourself

•you - “um can you give me a recommendation for a cake? it’s my first time here and the people behind me a shooting lasers at me” and he laughs at your words

•chenle - “sure how about the green tea slice? it’s not too sweet and i guess it’ll heal some of the holes from the lasers at your back”

•the two of you laughed and you went with his pick which was ready within a moment then quickly paid to avoid anymore looks from them

•you took a seat at a table for two near the counter and you could see the inside of the kitchen through your position through the small glass window??

•there inside was the boy serving you just now, working hard on something he was pulling (and you found it amazing that he could change from serving people cakes and pulling candy just a minute ago)

•you just stared in fascination as he continued pulling them until they form a shape and began pressing and poking them to add the details to it and it was just amazing how pieces of the sticky sugary stuff can be made into something so beautiful

•because of your curiosity in the candy pulling you began to frequent the cafe and chenle always serves you then runs back to the kitchen immediately

•you’ve seen him make little people figures that were set in the top layer of the display case and boii were they gone fast luckily you bought one right before the mob entered and you studied the candy and certified that he’s a prodigy

•obviously through all the visits and him serving you’d know more than a thing of two about chenle and even got his number but none of you invited the other to hang out or anything just some memey chats in the middle of the night

•so like a month and a half gone by with you going to the place nearly every day makes you question actually why you’re always there

•and boom you found out it was because meme boy invaded your mind and you have a crush on him

•you didn’t dare to say anything so you just continued acting like how you usually were with him

•it felt kinda weird tho bc when he’s out at the counter for even a little while the customers flirt with him (not that they don’t with the others) and it makes you feel jumbled instead of hurt bc you have no idea that you’re feeling jealous (it’s your first crush I guess)

•recently you found him staying in the kitchen more making the same-lookinf candy for a few days straight

•one day you received a message from him saying : “can you stay until six?”

•you remembered that that was the cafe closing time and thought it was a weird time but you agreed nonetheless

•soo fast forward to that time you just sat there awkwardly as his co-workers aka dreamies were cleaning up the cafe until jeno brought you to the kitchen where chenle was

•right before jeno leaves you and chenle he shouts smth like chenle owns him a week worth of fries

•so you two awkwardly stand silently until chenle takes a deep breath and starts to talk

•chenle - “um (y/n) here”

•he gives out a bouquet of roses, candy roses glittering in all their might under the light and you just gushed over the beauty of it

•you - “i love these!! but what’s the occasion?? our birthdays are over”

•chenle - “i like you”

•you just looked up at him seeing his blush on his cheeks and your mind tried to process his words

•once the words finally sink in you set down the bouquet and throw your arms around him pulling him into a hug and chenle could barely comprehend what was happening

•you - “what took you so long to say it??”

•chenle - “h-huh you k-knew?? about me liking you? the roses took me a long time to make if it weren’t for them i wouldn’t even wait this long”

•you - “then you don’t have to make them”

•chenle - “but i want to make you feel loved” basically he’s a cheese ball as he continued to talk and to stop him you had to kiss him on the cheek

•"i like you too candy boy"

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