fav bro ship



Well that only took forever to get off my butt and do. >>; Basically I decided to beef out my commissions sheet since my first one was pretty vague af. I tried to cover all the bases, though I wouldn’t be shocked if I missed a style or category or something since it’s easy af to forget some of the stuff I do sometimes. xD

AIGHT, in my mission to be organised, I’m gonna limit my comms to ten slots, and I’ll update it as often as I can. I’ll keep the list limited to the characters in the pic unless ya want me to keep it hush hush. If ya want your commission piece private/kept on hold until a certain date/etc as well, srsly, just ask - I’m totally cool with it. 



BTW, while it’s only one pic per slot, I am more than okay if ya wanna bulk-order several pics (well, y’know, if the space is available). Beyond my list of ‘lol no’s, it’s safe to say I’ll pretty much draw anything, so hit me up. ;D

A major thanks to everyone who’s commissioned me so far and a major thanks to all y’all who’re gonna commission me in the future - y’all’re the reason I ain’t gotta live off nothin’ but freakin’ grilled cheese toasties any more and my taste buds couldn’t be happier. <3

EDIT: Oh! I totally forgot - either IM me here or email me at ninjazzie@outlook.com to commission me <3


SK = Sketch | SS = Shaded Sketch | SD = Sketch Dump
LI = Line | LC = Line/Single Colour | LF = Line/Flat Colour
CE = Cell | CB = Cell/Blend
PW = Watercolour Paint | PS = Digital Paint
CO = Comic | C2 = 2-Panel Comic | C4 = 4-Panel Comic
OS = One-shot

Imagine Okuyasu proposing to Josuke by abruptly getting down on one knee, calmly staring Josuke in the eye and casually saying “Will you be my… Hus-bro?”

And Josuke’s only response is a soft gasp followed by a gentle “bro…” for he is truly astonished by his friend’s ‘bro-posal’