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Just curious cause currently freaking out about life the universe and everything. Did you go to college? If not did you get a job ok? I'm just worried

I wouldn’t be caught dead going to college. In my personal opinion, it isn’t worth it. People act as if getting a degree is actually going to help you and the fact is, most people who waste all that money, end up in debt, and go nowhere. Most of my fav YouTubers have a BA in some big field, and went nowhere in said field.

Certain Majors aren’t beneficial to the life of financial stability. Most who go for art or music, don’t ever make anything of themselves with those degrees unless they have great connections. Even Ph.D.s and such don’t always work out for people.

In most cases, people like me cannot afford the debt going to college would wrack up. I can’t even afford to live on my own, and being in debt would only cause me problems. Add on the fact that I hate school and know for a fact that nothing in a college would help me, and I’m a lost cause.

As for a job, not currently. Unless being a live-at-home maid counts. Free room and board if I clean, you know? And for future jobs, I’m stuck between going to Beauty School, which could actually be worth it since those positions are stupid to pass up, and being an Interpreter, which would require some extra work, but would really be beneficial for many in the long run. Finally, I am writing a fantasy novel.

So we’ll see.

As for being stressed about what to do with your life, you don’t have to do everything immediately. Many people’s careers didn’t shoot up until their mid-30s or higher. I’m only 22. One of my HS friends(who is younger than me) is already married and has 2 kids, and I’m over here going, ‘why?’. They are barely making ends meet and another kid is on the way.

Do not let people pressure you into the ‘white picket fence dream’. Getting married isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. A piece of paper won’t validate your union any more than a ring will. It is your relationship and your love that is validation enough. And in America, you get taxed for being married, which makes it even more not worth it. Don’t let society’s stereotypes control your life.

Do not let people try to convince you to have kids. Children are also not as great as older people make them out to be, and you should never dive into something like that early on. Young adults, like my friend above, are usually not prepared for such a massive undertaking. Kids aren’t like animals who have a basic instinct to survive. They need money, attention, and time. If you cannot support yourself and are not financially stable, do not have any children! They rely on you for everything and if you can’t even rely on yourself to stay afloat, you would only be hurting the child!

DO NOT EVER subscribe to society’s problematic views on ‘family’ and ‘success’. Just because they say it’s one way, doesn’t mean that is so. After all, many who fall in line with what society preaches, end up unhappy and alone.

Not everything in life is a race. I understand worrying, because I’m already in my 20s and have nothing much to show for myself, but I do have a decent life so far and an understanding mother willing to help me. And once we finally get on to better living conditions, I’ll have more freedom to consider more for myself. But I’m still young myself and literally have time.

If you don’t have time, I can only suggest trying retail. Not great jobs at all, but there’s always a need somewhere, and little talent required. And if you manage that, save up, and maybe get some friends together and rent an apartment where you split the bills. Not super wonderful, but still better than nothing. If you each have a steady job and split the bills and chores between you, things should go easier.

Hope this helped at all. When it comes to this kind of adulting, I’m not the greatest.



  1. Craigslist(if you’re in America) often has people giving things away for free. You can literally get those items for free and either re-purpose them, or sell them yourself.
  2. Go to yard sales and garage sales. Things will be cheaper because they have been used. You can actually haggle too. Either use or sell them yourself.
  3. Go to GoodWill(or any thrift shop). Some days are special ones where you might be able to get a bag full of items for only a dollar. (Whatever you fit in this bag is yours, for only a dollar.) Use or sell the items yourself. I have a nice, full set of china I got for only a dollar.
  4. You can literally sell baggies full of board game pieces. Those things are always lost, and getting them specifically can be a hassle. eBay and Craigslist. Though Craigslist can also be scammy so be careful and don’t accept mailed checks and always visit the meet up place with a group.
  5. Certain banks will actually give you money upon opening a checking account. You just have to check which ones and decide if you’d like that the most. Also, be frugal.

Also, [THIS SITE] gives good advice.