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KHUx JP - 5/20 announcements

a new draw box has opened!

  • it’ll last from 5/20 0.00 JST to 5/25 23.59 JST
  • spend 1500 jewels and get five medals
  • all five medals will be 6-star third tier guilt reverse medals and will come with their abilities upgraded to the third stage (three dots)
  • the list of available medals and their probabilities is here (spoiler: it’s 2.85714% for each); i’ll have a translated list at the end of this post

This weekend’s raid boss event is one day only!

  • it’ll be open on 5/20 from 0.00 to 23.59 JST
  • defeat 3 fierce eggs in the event quest to summon the Vain Spider
  • wicked spider will stick around for 12 hours and drop raid coins when defeated
  • raid coins can be traded in on the usual weekend raid board
  • bonus hours at 12.00 and 22.00 JST
  • during bonus hour, you’ll only need to defeat 2 eggs, and rewarded lux will be doubled

i’m really sorry i’m so slow to responding to questions, i’m dealing with a lot of work, but send ‘em my way if you got any

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