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Favorite ASOIAF characters >> Jory Cassel

Jory had been captain of the household guard at Winterfell since before Bran was born. “They killed Jory?” He remembered all the times Jory had chased him over the roofs. He could picture him striding across the yard in mail and plate, or sitting at his accustomed place on the bench in the Great Hall, joking as he ate. “Why would anyone kill Jory?”

(hear me roar): Genna Lannister, Lady Frey

Genna Lannister is the only daughter of Lord Tytos Lannister and Jeyne Marbrand, and therefore the younger sister of Lord Tywin Lannister. She was made to marry Emmon Frey and has four children with him,or so she claims they are his, no one in Casterly Rock had the courage to ever suggest otherwise, least of all her husband. Genna is the aunt of Cersei, Jaime and Tyrion and took on a maternal role to them after Joanna Lannister’s death. She is also one of the few Lannisters who recognizes Tyrion’s talent for political maneuvering.


Favorite ASOIAF characters » Bran Stark

Bran had told himself a hundred times how much he hated hiding down here in the dark, how much he wanted to see the sun again, to ride his horse through wind and rain. But now that the moment was upon him, he was afraid. He’d felt safe in the darkness; when you could not even find your own hand in front of your face, it was easy to believe that no enemies could ever find you either. And the stone lords had given him courage. Even when he could not see them, he had known they were there.


Favorite ASOIAF characters » Robb Stark

Gods be good, why would any man want to be king? When everyone was shouting King in the North, King in the North, I told myself… swore to myself… that I would be a good king, as honorable as Father, strong, just, loyal to my friends and brave when I faced my enemies… now I can’t even tell one from the other. How did it all get so confused?


Favorite ASOIAF characters » Renly Baratheon

   Even as a boy, Renly had loved bright colors and rich fabrics, and he had loved his games as well. “Look at me!” he would shout as he ran laughing through the halls of Storm’s End. “Look at me, I’m a dragon,” or “Look at me, I’m a wizard,” or “Look at me, look at me, I’m the rain god.”
   The bold little boy with wild black hair and laughing eyes was a man grown now, one-and-twenty, and still he played his games.

Stannis Month - Relationships Quote: Stannis/Tywin

«I remember the first time my father took me to court, Robert had to hold my hand. I could not have been older than four, which would have made him five or six. We agreed afterward that the king had been as noble as the dragons were fearsome. Years later, our father told us that Aerys had cut himself on the throne that morning, so his Hand had taken his place. It was Tywin Lannister who’d so impressed us».

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