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“Polly! That’s called a “stepladder”! C'mon!”

“ …A stepladder? How is that different from a regular ladder then?” 

Pirate’s DM Advice


I’m putting the bullet points ABOVE the readmore and the long ass ramblings/explanations/details for each bullet point are below the cut.

So quick thing: THIS IS ALL WRITTEN FROM MY OPINION AND YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY! My first bullet point explains how DMs vary their playing style. I tried to keep this kinda vague to systems, but most of this is written from DMing a DnD 3.5/Pathfinder perspective. I’ve also played in Fate, Amber, and other systems, but have only DM’d those two.

I’ve been writing this while heavily sleep deprived, so I’m sure there are typos and grammar mistakes galore. Message me and I’ll fix them. 

If you want more specific “whys” or stories behind some of these, feel free to message me. I’ll populate my dumb stories on “pirate goes on an adventure”.

*DMs vary. Like A LOT.


  1. You are not the only one creating the story: Your PLAYERS are also creating and influencing.
  2. DMs are the God/Goddess/Head-Deity of whatever world they are running.
  3. Use your newfound Deity status for good and fun.
  4. DM vs Players IS NOT fair or fun to the players (9 times out of 10).
  5. Make failing fun when you can.
  6. Your players will come up with amazing cool things as alternatives to your solutions! LISTEN TO THEM!
  7. You may have to adjust your DMing style FOR your players.
  8. Sometimes you will have players that don’t work with your style of DMing and that’s ok.


  2. Let your players be NPCs sometimes.
  3. Be prepared for your players to ask you about random shit at random points inside AND outside of game.
  4. The best thing is when your players figure shit out.
  5. Your players will get attached to the most random things.
  6. Your players will do things that will make you scratch your head and go “why?”
  7. Your players will cause more harm to themselves and get themselves into more trouble than you think they will.  
  8. Listen to your players theories about what they think is going on/going to happen.
  9. At some point you will make a cool thing and your players will not care.
  10. Don’t be afraid to give your players a very clear “clue-by-four” if they are truly stuck.
  11. Sometimes your players’ characters are more charismatic/intelligent/strategic/etc than their players.
  13. Don’t let one player run the show.
  14. Come up with hand signals for Out of Character talk.


  1. First session, ask what are no touch topics in games.
  2. After every session I will ask the group if they enjoyed and/or were entertained by the session.
  3. Make sure your players are MENTALLY ok after each session.
  4. Some players have a hard time separating their characters and themselves in RP situations.
  5. Character death, whether that player’s character or another pc even, is very hard on players.

*Things that MIGHT make your first DMing experience easier (this helped me at least).

  1. Do a character building session (or SESSIONS) with your players.
  2. Make each player character know two other player characters.
  3. Build a world map.
  4. Have a rules cheat sheet/DM screen.
  5. Make your spell casters MAKE SPELL CARDS and those spell cards include the book and page number the spell is on.  
  6. Make your summoners and druids write the stats for the stuff they summon and shape shift into include the book and page number they copied the info from.
  7. Make your nonmagical and magical users write down their special abilities and the rules include the book and page number the ability is on.

*Nice-to-have Cheap Supplies

Details on how I make these cheap are below the cut. I give some Amazon links to show what I’m talking about but you can buy some of these at Dollar Tree or office supply stores.

  1. DM screen
  2. Spellbooks/Ability Books
  3. Character sheet protectors
  4. Dice bowls
  5. Maps/Grids
  6. “Figurines”
  7. “White board”


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9 fav pics of my bias ~~ tagged by rise-and-shinee (thank you ~~)

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by Galactic_Ink


Taint is a disease of vampiric origins which only affects humans. Not many can live past 33 years old, and Alfred is already 24. This fact prompted Alfred to receive a specific type of home nurse, a vampire. The day Ivan arrived was the day Alfred felt his short life take on a new light.

Id: 9438980 - Fandoms: Hetalia: Axis Powers - Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings - M/M - Rated: Mature - English - Drama/Humor/Romance/Yaoi/Slice of Life/Vampires/Medical/Angst - Chapters: 4 - Words: 6893 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 34 - Follows: 320 - Updated: 15 Feb 2017 - Relationships: [America/Russia (Hetalia)]/[RusAme - Relationship] - Characters: Russia (Hetalia)/America (Hetalia) - Ongoing

This is the first time ever I come across a Vampire AU with Vampire Nurse. And I just love the domestic settings the author has for this dorks!

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