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Pandora Hearts Appreciation Week // Day 3:  Favorite Quote

“Even if this world is nothing but a story; even if we only exist to entertain someone far beyond our reach; I don’t think that this world is ridiculous!” -Leo Baskerville

trying really hard not to feel personally affronted by people who HATE cats

like I get it if you have allergies; you are entitled to dislike them and I will even forgive you for not thinking they are cute on paper if you’re allergic because you might not be 100% rational.

But like i cant understand anyone who truly hates cats.  they are so wonderful.  They are beautiful, furry, adorable little assholes and how can u not adore them?

(also semi related but have u noticed how many hardcore dog ppl HATE cats but how few cat ppl HATE dogs?  Like dogs are not my fav [cats 5ever] but i don’t hate them or anything, but it seems like every really hardcore dog person I know is like “UGH OMFG CATS ARE SO AWFUL I HATE THEM THEY ARE SUCH ASSHOLES AND MEAN”)


yes i collect pick up lines quit ur judgin