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In the past you've mentioned that you've read a lot of KHR time travel fiction are there any that you would recommend? Also I've been reading your DET AU and I'm on like chapter 20 and it's amazing but I'm really curious about who ‘Umi-san’ is her name means sea and she has something to do with the mare rings so that makes me a little worried about Byakuran

Byakuran is dead in DET! Umi-san is a currently unknown third party, and the only thing solidly established about her is that she’s trapped somewhere, the Mare rings belong to her in some way, and her family and/or group has sub-factions that may try and hurt her and her associates. Even her gender is up in the air - Shouichi just assumed that because he has a crush and compulsory heterosexuality happened. 

My fav KHR time travel fics are 

  • Something Small (With Teeth) by reavv
  • Sidelines by esama
  • A Sky’s Charisma by Athanatosora
  • Birthright by Morcai

all other KHR time travel fics aren’t very effective.

- Inlateautumn's 30 days of Katekyo Hitman Reborn challenge: 
Day three - Favorite arc

The “ Original Family of ‘Vongole’ ” arc was by far the best for me. We saw for the very first time the foundation of this mysterious and important family. In my eyes, this arc made us realize how special Tsuna’s generation is. They are so immensely close to the first generation that it is misleading.  But also the fact that Primo created this family, yet Tsuna almost wanted to destroy it. Sharing similarities did not by far mean they were equals, and that’s what this arc was all about.