The legit first thing I said to Weiss’s voice actor was “Weiss to meet you.” She spent the next minute trying to think of a pun to reply with.

Kara’s face when I greeted her with the pun:

Kara’s face when trying to think of a pun to reply with:

Conflict resolved with a combat skirt high five:


So this nigga sings too!?!?

Harry Styles Just Killed Every Male Model’s Career

Best male model ever.

Harry Styles is a musician, a movie star and now, the best male model of our time. If you disagree, I’m sorry but you’re wrong and also should get your eyes checked. Please, allow me.
A couple of days ago Harry revealed three separate covers that he did for Another Man. His hair goes from long to short and also he goes from hot to hottest.

If the covers alone aren’t enough to prove to you that Harry Styles is the male model this generation has been looking for, then you need to see what’s inside. Let’s continue, shall we?

First, the Harry with long hair that we’ve known for a long time looking at something off camera and wearing a leather choker.

Second, another picture of our long-haired Harry but now he’s sitting on a stool and looks like a rock god.

Are you still breathing? Ok, moving on.

Next up we have mid-length Harry giving us his best Mick Jagger.

And this one, where Harry is basically the ’70s school boy of your dreams.

But finally, and maybe most importantly: WE HAVE HARRY WITH SHORT HAIR. AND HE’S CRY-SMILING RIGHT AT YOU.

And even though your heart really can’t take it, here’s Harry in a bed of flowers. You don’t even need to see his whole face to buy what he’s selling. Which is nothing! He’s selling air and I’ll take six gallons of it!

Six gallons I say.

I’ll pay for this air!

In conclusion: there are like a billion more photos but they’ll probably cause you to go into cardiac arrest so I’m just going to leave you with this pic that somebody took of the inside of the magazine for you to drool over, and suggest you go buy your own copy.


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فمهما يَقولواسأبقى أُحبُّكْ …
وَهُمْ يَعرِفونْ بِغيرِ هَواكِ أنا لنْ أكونْ …
وَهُمْ يَعلمونْ بأنَّكِ حُبٌَّ يَفوقُ الجُنونْ …
لِذا يَدَّعونْ ! لِذا يَحقِدونْ !
لأنَّكِ حُبٌّ سَيَبقَى بِقلبي وِهُمْ زَائلونْ !

- عبدالعزيز جويدة .

فَقلبي ظَلامْ
وحُبي كَلامْ
ومازِلتُ أرغَبُ في الانتِقامْ ..

- عبدالعزيز جويدة .
My heart is dark ..
My love is utterance ..
and I still long for vengeance ..

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Fun Fact: One time Bitty sneezed and nobody said bless you so he gave the pie he had just made to a random person on the street because the rude boys at the house cant even say bless you, so they didnt deserve the pie.

oh my lord yes! lol