LONG Rant on Slacktivism and Why Nobody's Helping

Okay guys, listen, reposting a picture or changing your avatar is not going to help take down this Kony fellow.  How many of you that reposted a Kony picture went back to what whatever you were doing right before that?  Probably most people.  If you really gave a shit about this cause, you’d get off your ass and do something about it, but I’m sure most people were all like “Okay Imma post this image now to help spread awareness OKAY DONE now back to reading that news article about how Kim Kardashian fucked a bunch of goats!"  This happens EVERY time someone is passing around a new awareness movement.  Everyone just fakes sympathy, whether it would be to cheaply boost their self-esteem, or to look good in front of their friends.

For those of you who actually do care, show that you do and actually do something about it.  Making a Facebook status does nothing and neither does wearing a bracelet.  I don’t know where people got the idea that this stuff was helping.  Other awareness movements do this, too.  "Wear purple to show you’re against bullying!” Yep, those big bad bullies HATE the color purple!  It’s like they’re allergic to it!  “Write on your arms and raise awareness for self-mutilation!"  Oh shit, the power of my arm ink compels you!  "Don’t talk for a whole day to raise awareness of homosexual discrimination!"  If you actually think not talking is going to end homophobia, then please, by all means, go ahead and shut your mouth.  Who needs a mouth?  It’s not like it’s a powerful tool when it comes to arguing logic!

Then you got some causes that, on top of being ineffective, are just flat out stupid and backwards.  I was walking through the halls on campus once, and some girls sitting at a desk asked me if I would sign their giant banner in support of ending the use of the word "retarded."  I politely ignored it, but walking on, I’m thinking in my head "Does that SERIOUSLY exist?"  There are problems that are WAY, WAY, WAY worse than someone getting their feelings hurt over a single word, like this Kony thing that’s currently going on.  Besides that, it’s completely backwards because it doesn’t work that way.  Telling someone to stop using the word is only going to feed the trolls.  What they should be doing is teaching the people who are offended by these words to stop being offended by these words.  That eliminates the entire problem on top of raising self-confidence.  Seriously, it’s retarded.

And… since when did "retarded” become a slur?  In its dictionary definition, retardation means to delay or slow down.  It’s accurate to call a retard “retarded”, or something that’s dysfunctional “retarded”.  The reason it’s offensive is because people are taught that it’s offensive, when it’s really just a word that describes how someone is different.  No single word should be offensive, because they all have no reason to.  This will probably result in a slippery slope.  In a few decades, “mentally challenged” will become offensive, and they’re just going to have to think of a new term.  Rinse and repeat.  Same applies for “homosexual” and “African-American.”

But going back to Kony, is he a bad person?  Yes.  Should he be stopped?  Most definitely.  The problem is, how do we even know that Invisible Children is credible?  For all we know, they could just be taking donations for themselves, or only donating a small percentages.  They could even be donating it to the wrong cause.  Anyone could film a documentary and create a non-profit with some fancy bracelets.  Do some research.

So you’re probably asking me “Well, since this is what you believe, I’m sure you must be getting off your ass to help out the cause!"  Answer is, no.  Call me a heartless asshole, but I honestly don’t care.  This is just one of the many things that take place in the messed up world.  The only difference is that we know about it.  Stuff like this is happening everywhere.  Underground slave trafficking, rape prisoners, selling babies as sex slaves, etc.  It’s everywhere, and no matter what we do, we cannot end it.  Knowing that, it would be one hell of a life if I dedicated it to nothing but stopping these people, so I’ve decided to just live with what I have.  I don’t believe that I’ll be rewarded for my good deeds in any kind of afterlife, so I can live with myself not helping.  Call me what you want, judge me all you want, but in the end, it’s how my mind works and I CAN’T change that.  I am, however, being honest and not pretending to care.

Kony 2012: Fauxtivism?

I totally get why someone wouldn’t support Kony 2012. Like most “charitable” organizations, Invisible Children isn’t so charitable. That doesn’t take away from the fact that someone like Kony should be stopped. I’d also like to remind everyone that there’s plenty of people like Kony out there. Even right here in American. How many Iraqi children did Bush & Pals send to their deaths with hellfire and damnation? All in the name of capitalism, no less. I’m not sure that online petitions and changing Facebook pictures and/or statuses cuts it, either. Maybe if we focused less on things like the Jersey Shore and more on real social activism, no matter how minuscule our involvement, we’d actually make some sort of impact on the world around us.


Everybody should watch this. An insightful critique about everything that’s wrong with Kony2012.


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