This post is far overdue, but … Here’s a FABULOUS hand-drawn card sent to me by Rowan!  MY FAVOURITES. MY BITCHES.  MARCUS AND KIM!! KIM AND MARCUS!! THEY ARE PERFECT!!.  Can you believe he draws this sheesh with ENTIRELY TRADITIONAL MEDIA?! 

Oh man, I am so pleased with this … Thank you so much, dude.  You ROCK. 


AHHHH Faux is sucha sweetie poopoo head and asked if they wanted to actually SEND me the art trade they did for me, and today it arrived in the mail!!

You just can’t fully appreciate the details until the picture is actually in front of you, and WOW I can tell how much time you spent on this, Faux! The lines and EXTRA lines and how smooth everything in it shows just how much effort you put into this! I was so excited waking up today and seeing the envelope on my computer fdkgs  I LOVE IT SO MUCH, thank you sooooo so much THANK YOU FAUX AHH<3333

OK GOD WOW I’m sorry I’m taking so long to answer these, mostly because I just sit in my chair and wiggle around trying to figure out words and decide I can think up of some later…

I had to double take and “what…beefy??” And I went back to look and “OH!” HAHAH THOSE are actually PARACHUTE PANTS he is wearing..like..with MC. HAMMER or whatever dksnfdks  BUT YES you can still pretend those are beefy legs ;D

@ la-creme: SCREAMM no no I’m really flattered you reblogged my pchat doodles and ocs and just dskhfka  I was literally sitting there thinking you were maybe a bot with reblogging so many pictures, but no I think it’s really cute how excited you got and ahhh wowI’m at loss of words, Just…these are one of those things I can keep and look back when I’m feeling crappy about my art (WHICH IS A LOT) and feel a liiittle bit better, but thankss ;u; DON’T STOP DRAWING I saw your post, don’t..keep going, maann  your characters are also pretty neat

@ grapeyguts: WAH wow well thank you! I love following any FKMT blog and you just so happen to be a great artist drawing everyone’s favorite gay men, I’m really giddy that you even followed back dfkgdskk I ADORE YOUR STYLLEE<33

@ fauxbrains: YOU SHOULD TOTALLY HAVE SLEPT but your comments ahah khfdsk  those cheered me up so much, that night ;U; I ADORE YOUR MOHAWK CHARACTERRR and his NOSE<33 thanks a lot for liking my stuff, don’t be FRUSTRATED but hfffff omg words how do I write them ….justthankyoualotsomuchforsayingthosenicethingsssss<333