OK GOD WOW I’m sorry I’m taking so long to answer these, mostly because I just sit in my chair and wiggle around trying to figure out words and decide I can think up of some later…

I had to double take and “what…beefy??” And I went back to look and “OH!” HAHAH THOSE are actually PARACHUTE PANTS he is wearing..like..with MC. HAMMER or whatever dksnfdks  BUT YES you can still pretend those are beefy legs ;D

@ la-creme: SCREAMM no no I’m really flattered you reblogged my pchat doodles and ocs and just dskhfka  I was literally sitting there thinking you were maybe a bot with reblogging so many pictures, but no I think it’s really cute how excited you got and ahhh wowI’m at loss of words, Just…these are one of those things I can keep and look back when I’m feeling crappy about my art (WHICH IS A LOT) and feel a liiittle bit better, but thankss ;u; DON’T STOP DRAWING I saw your post, don’t..keep going, maann  your characters are also pretty neat

@ grapeyguts: WAH wow well thank you! I love following any FKMT blog and you just so happen to be a great artist drawing everyone’s favorite gay men, I’m really giddy that you even followed back dfkgdskk I ADORE YOUR STYLLEE<33

@ fauxbrains: YOU SHOULD TOTALLY HAVE SLEPT but your comments ahah khfdsk  those cheered me up so much, that night ;U; I ADORE YOUR MOHAWK CHARACTERRR and his NOSE<33 thanks a lot for liking my stuff, don’t be FRUSTRATED but hfffff omg words how do I write them ….justthankyoualotsomuchforsayingthosenicethingsssss<333