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yoongi is a professional photographer. he meets jungkook because the kid accidentally apprehends the guy trying to get away with yoongi’s camera. by which we mean jungkook is coming out of a convenience store with his arms chockfull of instant ramen buckets and happens to open the door right into the face of the failed thief. in slow motion yoongi sees this: ramen packs going absolutely everywhere, his camera flying out of the thief’s hands, jungkook flying after said camera and leaping higher than ordinary people should be able to…catching it. gently. he has enough awareness to clothesline the thief when he tries to scramble up and get away, which is apparently enough time for jungkook to walk over, toeing ramen carnage out of the way as he offers the camera back with both hands.

cue yoongi offering to thank him with dinner or something and jungkook asking to see yoongi’s work and yoongi asking what jungkook is up to jungkook explaining he would love to pursue photography but his parents don’t think it’s stable enough and yoongi agreeing but then telling jungkook that’s no reason to not pursue it because hey look at him. and then jungkook Looks at him. you know, the Look you give someone when they’ve given you advice that should be obvious but is so obvious you never thought of it or never heard it and it’s everything. 

so jungkook starts taking pictures. mostly of yoongi since he somehow slips more fully into his life because this is a story where for once the people you want to see win, win. and winning doesn’t even mean someone else has to lose in this case: it just means you recognize what you have.

you hold on.

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Everlark Advent - Day 3, The First Noel

The First Noel

rated G

The packages trickle in, ones and twos to start, but rapidly it escalates into a torrent. Bright wrappers from chichi little boutiques in the city. Etsy shops. Places in Norway that no one has ever heard of before. A tsunami of tyvek envelopes and itty bitty boxes.

Soon Peeta’s studio is covered in costume pieces. Knit hats with ridiculously long tassels. Curly-toed elf slippers. Santa hats, Christmas tree hats, even Grinch hats, for heaven’s sake. Angel wings made of real feathers. Faux reindeer antlers hand carved by Scandinavian craftsmen. Katniss almost said something when she saw the red and green tutu, festooned with ribbons. But she resisted, simply closing the door and shaking her head.

She’s certain she’ll have plenty to say in January when the credit card bills come in. But it’s hard to complain now, watching him garb their infant daughter in an impossibly tiny snowman onesie and pretend carrot nose. Because he’s waited five, ten, fifteen years for the privilege of sending out a Christmas card proudly displaying their perfect little baby.

She’s certainly not going to spoil his fun now.

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oh dang thanks for the heads up, anon! i will cut all ties with this awful person immediately. boy you really helped me out of making a real social faux pas with that one!

While I’m at it i’d like to say that getting right to tis important message, making sure to not dilute it with any facts or proof shows a real respect of my time, and i greatly appreciate the thought and effort you put into it!

Additionally, dude, smart move doing this on anon! Personal responsibility is a bitch and you obviously sacrifice nothing in order get the word out about this craven scoundrel. Self protection always comes first!

Finally, while we are obviously dealing with the absolute dregs of humanity here, i enjoy that you’re keeping the cantor nice n light, just kinda throwing it out there for our consideration. It shows me that you’re used to this sort of thing, as if you do it on a frequent basis. Thank you hero, for keeping a vigilant eye and continually warning us of the horrible souls that lurk among us!

wheew, that sure was a close one, right everybody?

people really out here getting mad about faux freckles meanwhile theres real issues like cultural appropriation that could literally directly result in aggression against POC so like…. NEXT!

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pt3 some weeks later R and Lena get closer and Kara thinks that theyre dating and is a little jealous

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“Your sister!  Oh!”  Kara felt the envy drain from her body at the introduction and quickly replaced her faux smile with a real one.

“It’s nice to meet you, Kara.  I’ve heard a lot about you,” you extended your hand and the pretty reporter shook it warmly.  Lena tried not to blush, unaware that Kara was attempting to do the same thing.

My first day going to my job I was a nervous wreck on the wrong train worrying about being late. An older woman sitting across from me wound up getting my attention just to tell me she liked my hair and that I looked beautiful. Like it seems dumb but that changed my whole tone the rest of the day. She was the first person I ever interacted with in DC and I still think about it 18 months later, she definitely made me feel more comfortable with moving to a new city where I didn’t know anybody.


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