I need help!!!

Ok so I want to be my father for halloween (cam’ron) and I need to find a faux fur pink coat, I NEEEEEEEEEED it please it’ll be the best halloween costume if you can find one I’ll love you forever and write you a song. pls i love u all 

fall/winter 2016 concept: diamante chokers, point toe shoes, faux fur coats, champagne silk, high-waist black jeans, white satin bomber jackets, velvet, wet-look hair, glossy lids, glitter nails, polo neck crop tops, gold rings, pearls, big sunglasses, burberry skirts, slip dresses, camel coats, vintage beaded clutch bags, fringe sleeves, marabou heels, perspex boots, lipgloss, tassel earrings, luxe sportswear, pompom keychains, sheer everything, bardot necklines, sequins

Without you, I go nowhere.
My fix, my drug.
I cannot say if one is akin to a poison.
Each reminder, a needle.
Taking a stab,
contaminating my blood.

Writing names in blood. What for? What will it do? An end of sorts, a permanent, a present.

She dances in your light, fights your fight. A diamond girl dream. Fancy cars and expensive cigars. The faint whiff of Shalimar filling the red velvet room.

Faux fur coats and chandeliers, the American Dream.

She stands in the middle of the room with her bold as brass, wine glass.

Her dress spreading out as she falls down. Making a circle of red silk. On her knees, content. Her eyes shine like stars. You can see the stars in her eyes.

She’s dreaming. She’s dreaming of…

The man who walks out of the fog. The enigma. He has bold eyes and a smile that goes for miles. Surrounded in a scent of amber.

She’s dreaming of you. She’s waiting for you. Find her, or she’ll find you.

—  The Bold As Brass Wine Glass