faux taper


so guys.. check out my haul?:) wanted more sephora but was getting sussed, haha
217 brush: $25

Too faced semi sweet palette: $50
Urban decay eyeshadows x3: $60 ($20 each)
Urban decay eyeliners x2: $40 ($20 each)
Tarte “airbuki” brush: $28
Benefit they’re real mascara: $25

Selfie stick: $20
Selfie phone lens: $17
Knee socks: $12.50
Choker necklace set: $12.50
Choker bracelet set: $6.50
Constellation ear pin: $6.50
Bird earrings: $6.50
Small circle earring set: $12.50
Nose ring (I think lol): $7.50
Oil blotting papers: $4.50

Faux nose rings x3: $30 ($10 each)
Faux gauges: $7.50
Faux tapers (more than gauges): $16.50
Shark earrings: $6.50

TOTAL: $394.50!!!!


Okay, so when my mom and i were at the beach a couple of weeks ago, we had to go to walgreens for some solarcain for my moms poor shoulders.


When we were checking out, there was a particularly alt looking guy. Piercings and all of that.

To understand the rest, I must explain this. The day before my mom and I were at Walmart and the cashier had what looked like tapers in her ear. When I asked what size she was going to, she said they were fake. I told my mom I was normally p good at spotting faux ones but hers fooled me.


I saw the cashiers tapers, and told my mom that his were faux. She said they looked real, so I did what I had done with the walmart cashier.

Guess what. I was right.

His were faux. Nbd.

HOWEVER. I proceeded to turn to my mom and shout “HA I WAS RIGHT THEY ARENT REAL”

This made me feel terrible.

Please, if you are a Walgreens cashier and you work in Beaufort, SC and you remember a very strange girl doing this and you are reading this please know that I am so sorry and I want to be your friend.