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I call this look the ‘stayed up till 5am to watch Miley Cyrus appropriate black culture and use our queens as props in her song about weed’ :~)

on the subway

rating : pg-13

word count : 850

characters : you x mark

genre :  au

s/n : this was originally from my quotev acc ( /unhinged )

You sighed when you stepped foot into the extremely packed and cramped subway train. The winter season was slowing being replaced by spring, making you sweat under your soft faux fur coat. Your space in the metal sauna was definitely declining your happy mood for the weekend. You were luckily at the side of the train where you were facing the door, with only one people behind you.

If you'd known that it was that hot then you would’ve taken off a few layers, but luckily you had worn perfume today. Even if you were sweating tons, at least you would have a sweet scent to mask any body odor that might have ensue.

You inspected yourself in the subway door’s glass, seeing that your cheeks were tinted a bright red. You swore that your face had gone a shade darker when you saw an extremely handsome man behind you, slightly leaning into your back subconsciously. When he noticed your gaze, he turned away looking a bit embarrassed himself. 

You were frantic to pull your hair away from your damp neck so that you could prevent the perspiration from increasing. Your stare fell down to the floor so that your eyes wouldn’t wonder to make the situation anymore uncomfortable.

“Um,” his deep voice spoke out. “I promise I’m not hitting on you but you smell really good.” The good looking stranger ran through the sentence so fast that he basically spewed the words out of his mouth.

A modest laugh came out of you, “Thanks I could say the same to you.” Now that you've noticed, he did smell like cologne. Not like that cheap Axe spray that middle school boys basically showered in; he smelled like an ideal.

The train came to an abrupt halt, earning the groans and sighs of many passengers. “Sorry for the sudden stop, we will soon be departing again.” Relieved, the business women and men stopped fussing and started to quiet down when they knew that they weren’t late to whatever they were commuting to..

When the operator said the train would be starting again, he wasn’t kidding. In almost an instant, the engine accelerated making the whole vehicle jerk forward. The male behind me pressed his body against yours due to the train’s harsh started.

 "My bad,“ he muttered under his breath.

 "It’s alright,“ you said quietly as he pulled away from your waist. "I should turn around," you muttered awkwardly.

He chuckled, "Yeah that’d be a good idea." 

As you turned around you noticed that the glass of the window didn’t do his face as justice. His hair was slicked over to the side with sweat, his deep eyes pierced through yours, his collar bones were prominent due to the few undone buttons of his dress shirt, and his lips were pursed outward.

"Enjoying the view?’ He teased as he cocked his head to the side, anticipating whatever answer you had for him.

You rolled your eyes playfully, "In your dreams.”

He looked down at you due to your relatively short height compared to his. “Well, I’m definitely enjoying the view from up here.”

You slapped his arm while laughing, “I am not that short!”

He leaned down to your height, leaning down into your face, and staring at your eyes. His hand pressed against the metal door frame as he spoke, “Well I have to support myself to come down to your face so..”

You pursed my lips and squinted your eyes slightly, “Well maybe it’s because you’re too tall.”

He laughed and shook his head, “Compared to my friends I’m short.”

“I’m short no matter who I’m with," you sighed. Your small remark made him laugh, causing him to put him forehead close to your shoulder so that he wouldn’t laugh in your face.

"Next stop,” the robotic voice rang out. The adorable man in front of you looked up and stopped his laughing fit to hear the next stop. “Queen Station. Next stop, Queen Station.”

“Your stop?” He asked. When you nodded, he repeated the gesture slowly. He scratched the back of his neck, “Can I have your number before you go?” He looked reluctant and a bit embarrassed, “I mean it’s okay if you don’t want to..”

You laughed, “No it's fine.” When he handed you his phone, you saved your number into his Samsung in almost an instant. “There you go," you smiled as you handed him back his phone. 

"What should I save your name as?” He asked while looking down at his phone in wait of a response.

You said your name before you started to walk through the wall of people when the train stopped. “Wait, what’s your name?" you asked quite loudly through the bustling people.

"The man of your dreams!” He yelled.

You chuckled and shook your head as you finally made it out of the train and onto the less cramped subway platform. When you made it to the bus stop, you got a text from an unknown number.

“Other than 'the man of your dreams, I’m referred as Mark Tuan.”

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black faux fur coat, £10, charity shop
galaxy tee, £10, south korea
lace-up leggings, £7, ebay
petrol hologram chelsea ankle boots, £35, boohoo.com
drop earrings, topshop