faux polaroids

• 100 Days of Productivity - Day 10/100 •

Been doodling faux polaroids for future bujo pages. Going to finish them up today and start on my first spread in my ~new~ bujo 🌵☀️

good evening lads i got a few things 2 say

1. did y’all kno niagara falls is like.. an actual place? a place that’s called ‘niagara falls’… a town (?) where ppl like… live… and there’s things 2 do other than look at the falls?????? it’s not jus the name of the actual falls??????? so wild

2. i’m hurt that none of y’all told me about attention by charlie puth i love that man i’ve been dancing 2 it 4 days now

3. ‘finding you’ by angel kesha? saved me (the whole alb did tbh - *****ALSO ‘let em talk’ omg)

4. ‘angel’ by 5h also saved me

5. i finally bought more film 4 my faux polaroid camera and i’m v happy abut it

6. s/o 2 burgers

7. and skittles

8. i now get why ppl get excited 4 fall i wana wear ankle boots

• 100 Days of Productivity - Day 15/100 •

A peek at my messy to-do list for finals week. I’ve got so much to do for each class, and my first final is in TWENTY MINUTES OH GOD. Anyway, used a couple of my faux polaroids to brighten up the messy spread and I’m definitely in love with them ❣️☀️

99% of tumblr is just paraphrasing the same shit over and over and over and over and over

i have no time for sickly sweet pastel positivity garbage

i have no time for reblogs of monet or nietzche or whatever, as if their work needs any publicity

i have no time for endless circular debates and jokes and ideas

i have no time for teenagers making up ridiculous “i identify as” concepts, in order to neatly package every human characteristic into arbitrary categories

i have no time for the notion that obsessively building these categories will bring about social justice more effectively than knocking pre-existing compartmental labels down

i have no time for a dashboard that reminds me of groundhog day

i have no time for fucking lana fucking del fucking rey

i have no time for synthetic faux-polaroid photographs of a dimly lit street corner with a whiny caption like “do you ever feel lonely?” uhhhh, do you ever feel boring? like a herd animal?

i have no time for your worn-out hivemind, tumblr.


Lunch break sketch of a faux polaroid of the crew. I really want to do more with these characters. They’re a lot of fun to draw :) Basically the story of Space Cadets is about kids growing up at the start of new colonies on Mars in the not to distant future, and their adventures. I might want to do a short side comic alongside AOI of Space Cadets since it’s a lot more silly.

My 2013 in (Faux) Polaroids

2013 has been a pretty good year. Half of it, I was rich 'cause I had a job. The other half was the definition of a bum life filled with travels, unconventional parties and shit with friends, morning walks, and the comfort of my home. Until November came so… fuck that, ok. But then, there’s a rainbow always after the rain, right? Ha! <3

HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! For 2014, I wish Tacloban and other typhoon-hit areas to rise again. I just want my little laid-back hometown back. And well, good luck with my career path also. Cheers!