faux polaroids

• 100 Days of Productivity - Day 15/100 •

A peek at my messy to-do list for finals week. I’ve got so much to do for each class, and my first final is in TWENTY MINUTES OH GOD. Anyway, used a couple of my faux polaroids to brighten up the messy spread and I’m definitely in love with them ❣️☀️

99% of tumblr is just paraphrasing the same shit over and over and over and over and over

i have no time for sickly sweet pastel positivity garbage

i have no time for reblogs of monet or nietzche or whatever, as if their work needs any publicity

i have no time for endless circular debates and jokes and ideas

i have no time for teenagers making up ridiculous “i identify as” concepts, in order to neatly package every human characteristic into arbitrary categories

i have no time for the notion that obsessively building these categories will bring about social justice more effectively than knocking pre-existing compartmental labels down

i have no time for a dashboard that reminds me of groundhog day

i have no time for fucking lana fucking del fucking rey

i have no time for synthetic faux-polaroid photographs of a dimly lit street corner with a whiny caption like “do you ever feel lonely?” uhhhh, do you ever feel boring? like a herd animal?

i have no time for your worn-out hivemind, tumblr.


Lunch break sketch of a faux polaroid of the crew. I really want to do more with these characters. They’re a lot of fun to draw :) Basically the story of Space Cadets is about kids growing up at the start of new colonies on Mars in the not to distant future, and their adventures. I might want to do a short side comic alongside AOI of Space Cadets since it’s a lot more silly.

My 2013 in (Faux) Polaroids

2013 has been a pretty good year. Half of it, I was rich 'cause I had a job. The other half was the definition of a bum life filled with travels, unconventional parties and shit with friends, morning walks, and the comfort of my home. Until November came so… fuck that, ok. But then, there’s a rainbow always after the rain, right? Ha! <3

HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! For 2014, I wish Tacloban and other typhoon-hit areas to rise again. I just want my little laid-back hometown back. And well, good luck with my career path also. Cheers!