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Caffeine, Crimson Cheeks, and Cashiers | Cashier!Taehyung

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Summary: College!AU wherein Taehyung is a part-time cashier and you are a tired student just trying to power your way through finals with the help of a dozen or so energy drinks.

Genre: Fluff, Cashier!AU

Words: 1.4K

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You always thought that college would never come. Not that you were excited for it or anything—on the contrary, you practically dreaded it. As the youngest, you were expected to exceed the accomplishments of your siblings, going above and beyond your family’s expectations. As such, you were expected to leave your sleepy suburban home and study at one of the country’s finest universities.

Of course, this did not bode well with you. In fact, you never wanted to leave. It was not like you lacked ambition or dreams; it was just that you knew you could achieve those goals in your hometown’s university. All of your friends were staying, and you were not necessarily the greatest when it came to making new friends. Why leave when you have everything at your disposal right there at your hometown? You fought almost regularly with your parents about this, but after a particularly devastating argument, you decided it would be better to shut your mouth and just suck it up.

After all, how hard could college be?

Yet, here you are, standing in the middle of the campus’ supermarket in your pajamas, searching for the energy drink aisle.

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anonymous asked:

hey, i was wondering if you could do a headcanon/imagine of 2D having nightmares/flashbacks regarding the trauma he underwent during plastic beach (or maybe even the events before then) and noodle overhearing and trying to console him? i am not sure what kinds of imagines you like to do so i hope this is okay!

omg you don’t know how excited I am to write this

Nightmares weren’t uncommon occurrences for 2-D, as he usually found himself writhing uncomfortably in bed, reliving the haunting memories of his time spent on Plastic Beach. They always started the same way: an unsettling, quiet void of darkness, akin to that he felt in his drugged state due to the gas he was sprayed with by the Boogieman–and then comes the stench. It’s mild at first, stealthily burrowing itself into 2-D’s unconsciousness once more, and nestling itself there; a sick reminder of how a tiny puff of gas rendered him immobile, rendered him useless to defend himself against the journey towards his own personal prison. After what seemed like hours of being stuck in a black abyss, 2-D’s lovely nightmare decided to progress even further, and finally he’s able to knock the feeling of paralysis away as he opens his eyes slowly, taking in his current scenery. The dreaded basement prison brings a pang of stabbing nostalgia with it, and 2-D can feel his heartbeat race at an immeasurably fast rate as he turned his head to face the window, only to be greeted with the menacing grimace of a whale–no, a humongous, gigantic, enormous whale with billions of sharp teeth that look like they could tear his flesh apart in seconds and–

2-D shook his head and looked away, goosebumps skittering about his skin. He knows the whale didn’t actually have billions of sharp teeth, but his dream didn’t. Ignoring the looming mammal behind him, 2-D went to the other side of the room, trailing his fingers against the wall. Even the texture was so precise, so undeniably real. Sudden flashbacks lurched into his mind, throwing up a chaotic mess of old, heinous memories, such as: Being trapped down here like a prisoner, like some animal and being forced to record songs by the man he once looked up to, without any compensation aside from an occasional meal and, if 2-D was exceptionally good that week, maybe a short trip out of the basement for some fresh air. Maybe. Visibly, 2-D flinched at the memories, pressing his back against the wall and sliding down it in utter defeat, eyes brimming with frustrated tears. He hated these dreams because there was no way out. Because he was trapped. 

But in life outside of dream world, 2-D was causing quite a racket with his insufferable tossing and calling out. Of course, no one did anything–Murdoc couldn’t care less about what his token front man was feeling, Russel was a pretty heavy sleeper and Noodle? Well, actually, she did care. How couldn’t she? 2-D was basically her older brother, and if there’s anything Noodle had learned, it was that family is the most important thing in your entire life, so you should try your hardest to keep said family around.  Quietly, she made her way to 2-D’s room, opening the door and walking in. Lo and behold, there he was, tangled in a mess of blankets, pillows strewn, face caked with snot and dried tears as he groaned out in fear, with just a dash of defeat. “Hey,” Noodle sat on the bed besides him, wary of his kicking feet lurking below the covers. “Toochie, wake up. It’s a nightmare.” To top it off, she gave him a little shake, hoping that would ease him into consciousness.

Back in dream land, 2-D was not doing so well. As the sound of footsteps approached, he scooted even further into the wall he was propped up against, grabbing his mask in an attempt to hide some part of him from the man who caused this madness: Murdoc Niccals, and his little faux Noodle. And there they were, both iridescent and colossal, sickening grins masking their true intentions. 2-D whimpered to himself, taking note that the walls of the basement were also growing increasingly closer to each other, causing the window guarded by the terror inducing whale to crack ever so slightly, and now the already small, dark space was growing more cramped by the second, leaving the illuminated, fantasy Murdoc the only light source. 2-D’s observances were interrupted by the giant Murdoc taking off one of his shoes and holding it up, hovering by 2-D, reading himself to pummel the poor boy with it for no good reason (as he often did). “C’mere, faceache” 2-D watched in horror as the dream Murdoc spoke, his mouth spastic and his words not matching up with anything he was saying. “Please, Mudz, I didn’t– I didn’t do nothin’, you don’t gotta–” The walls were beginning to close at a faster pace now, and the cracked window had started to leak, which was followed by the deafening thumping of whale against glass. Quickly, the room filled up with the disgusting, polluted water Plastic Beach was known for, and 2-D pressed against the top of the ceiling, trying to push it up, trying to make it stop shoving him down into the sickening deep abyss of cold, dark water–but it was no use. The back of his head was shoved against the ceiling and he was forced to look down, only to be greeted with the open mouth from the whale he feared most, ready to devour him whole as Murdoc’s sickening, distorted laugh bustled through the terrifying unknown and–

“Toochie!” Noodle was growing panicked at 2-D’s sudden rapid breathing and frantic heartbeat, so she shook him again, this time patting his cheek also. That seemed to do the trick, though, because 2-D’s eyes bolted open, his body shaking in a cold sweat as he wiped the trail of drool, snot and tears that combined into one mucus-y mixture off of his face. Noodle stared at him, and 2-D stared back at her, his breathing finally steadying, but his heart still going a thousand miles per minute. He stuck his hand out, cupping Noodle’s cheek and then laughing, before pulling her into a shaky embrace. “Ah, ‘m so glad you’re real, you know.” Noodle sighed, returning his hug and rubbing his back, trying to comfort him again. “Was it about that Plastic Beach this time?” 2-D didn’t respond, but Noodle knew the answer. She knew what had happened to him, what Murdoc had done, and what her friend had to go through. Noodle nodded, not wanting to push 2-D to talk about something like this. “Okay,” she whispered, breaking the hug and standing up, guiding 2-D with her. “Go get yourself some water and splash it on your face, you feel hot.” He nodded, and left the room with a dazed walk, almost hitting the door on his way out. She smiled, and made his bed for him, before plugging in a little nightlight right besides his dresser. 

Challenge for myself

I’m gonna try and commit myself to this next time I go grocery shopping

-Go back to eating rice and beans as a staple meal
-Get more fruits
-and veggies
-less faux meat
-more noodles
-cereal for when I want something sweet to eat, with cashew milk

Suggestions are welcome.

Homemade teriyaki “duck” noodles - mixed vegetables, Singapore noodles, teriyaki and soya sauce (soy used to flavour the faux meat before teriyaki, and Vegan Roasted Duck (sourced from Vincent’s Vegetarian Food Mart, packaging in recent haul from this store).

This faux meat is super cheap and comes in a crazy large amount, perfect for multiple homemade dishes. It tastes amazing on its own as well, we eat it with soya sauce but I think would be the best in a veganized fried rice!

Easy Faux-Thai Noodle Bowl

As a recent college grad working away from home, I am learning the ways of the budget.  I’m learning quickly that food is expensive, and as someone who loves to cook, this is a little bit heartbreaking.  However, I’ve worked a few things out.  Like this really versatile and easily personalized recipe.


One package of one of these guys

External image

I picked up a bunch for 78 cents each in the gluten free section of Walmart (the only grocery store available to me, sadly).  These are the main part of the meal and even plain they’re not bad!  From what I can tell they’re healthier than ramen.  You are also going to need:

- Veggies of any kind, as much as you want (I use onion and cucumber since that’s all I have)

- Broccoli slaw, it’s already chopped and it adds some crunch

- Some minced garlic if you’ve got it and want it

- Lime juice (it brings out the other flavors really well)

- Chili powder if you want spice

- Cilantro! I got a bunch for less than a buck at Walmart and it’s lasting pretty well so far.

- You can add meat as well, just make sure you cook it/heat it up before you throw it in


I hear you can buy all sorts of pre-chopped veggies but I just do it myself.  I either chop the veggies up the night before or in the morning, because I work 10am-6pm and when I get home I’m starving.

External image

Depending on what you’re using, it’s not too daunting of a task.  Throw the veggies and garlic (I usually add the chili powder as well) into a container and refrigerate if you’re not eating until much later, but don’t add the cilantro or lime to that.  Those come last.

Follow the directions on the Thai Kitchen package.  All you really need to do is boil the water, add the seasonings, and cook the noodles for one minute (Or use the microwave, which yields decent results but doesn’t blend the flavors as well).  You can added the chopped veggies (and the meat, if you’re using it) about halfway through the noodles’ cook time.  When it’s all cooked to your liking and has been off heat for a minute or two, add the lime juice and the cilantro.  To serve, I usually put a handful of the broccoli slaw on the bottom of a bowl and pour the noodles and broth over it.  Barring the veggie cutting and the time spent waiting for the water to boil, this meal takes less than five minutes.

External image

Total cost depends on what you’re putting into it but for me it’s less than 5 dollars a bowl.  Calorie wise it’s on the lighter end, averaging at about 210 calories for me.  For those of you worried about getting protein, throw in some peanuts, cashews, tofu, or meat.  Double check the back of the noodle package to make sure you’re not allergic to anything.  Happy eating!