faux nightmare

Shizuo took a good long look at the sidewalk below his feet. There was a few tracks of blood slowly drying out in the sun. Shizuo hadn’t realized that he had gotten his shoes dirtied so easily and actually hadn’t noticed the minor trail that lead back to the murder scene.

He scrapped at it with his toe, but the blood didn’t want to come off so easily.

–Great. Now I’m going to look suspicious. Again.

He turned his head slowly to the side, looking around at the people passing by him without a second look. That was normal, and no one seemed to notice the red against white concrete.

Sighing, he ran a hand through his hair.

–Ah, what’s it matter? Gangs get into fights all the time. Not like the police would think this is any different. If anyone asked, I could just say I got into a bad fight, that’s all.

Which, hearing the steps of a small group of people nearing him, he might just have to do.

He’d rather have ignored them, but then he thought –would that just look more suspicious?

Turning towards them, the look on his face told them he wasn’t in the mood.

“What the hell do you want?”