faux leather heels

Punk rock Molrene is life, guys.

Molly Hooper in thigh-high tights with cat designs on them. Molly Hooper with artsy tank tops with anatomical designs all over them. Molly Hooper with dark skirts and bright patterned pants and way too many accessories. Molly with victory curls and tattoos of sirens and ships and pirates and black flags with red skulls, who inspires her best friend from childhood to love pirates as well. Who introduces The Woman and Sherlock Holmes and rolls her eyes when they try to outdo each other for her attention.

Irene with bright red lipstick and faux leather jackets and high heels and tight pants. Irene Adler with a pierced eyebrow and a pierced tongue and a glint in her eyes that says she’s got more power in her pinky than most men will ever see in their lives. Irene with a white tank top and dark fingerless gloves and a cigarette in her mouth. Irene standing in front of the mirror and putting on her war paint as Molly places distracting kisses against her neck. Irene Adler clacking her blood red nails against her vanity as she considers which disguise she’s going to wear today.

Molly Hooper and Irene Adler going out and making heads turn. Molly Hooper and Irene Adler being kick ass together. Molly Hooper and Irene Adler playing Moriarty for all the money his empire is worth. Molly Hooper and Irene Adler making sure these two big baby men don’t destroy each other in their big temper tantrums.

Molly Hooper and Irene Adler running off to explore the world and leaving behind the dirty rotten criminal world and starting up their own consulting business. They solve crimes and run official autopsies and are a thousand times more efficient because they don’t get a thrill from it—it’s a job and one they do well.  They pump money from cases into women’s homes and so they have a network of women all willing to help with any cases. In return they help provide evidence and support and protection.

They dye each other’s hair and do each other’s make up and sometimes, when Molly is tired of men feeling like Irene can be summed up entirely by her job, Molly will lace their hands together and wrap her arm around her waist and pull her close and kiss her gentle and slow and sweet and Molly finished it up by making rude gestures to the gawking men. They talk about bones and muscle and blood and poison and scar tissue and weapon patterns and bruising and people give them strange looks but Irene is fascinated.

And when Irene has a bad day at work and she is teary eyed and exhausted and can’t stand the thought of being around people, Molly is fine with staying in and curling up with hot cocoa and warm blankets and a friendly cat and watching reruns of IT crowd and Peaky Blinders and Doctor Who and letting tv numb their minds until they fall asleep with their limbs tangled together and Irene’s head in the crook of Molly’s neck and their hair a mess when they wake up and stumble into bed.

AH. I just need an infinite amount more Molrene, ok? OK? BLURGH!