faux jew

Hey, so, this is for my fellow Jewish Tumblr-ers out there. 

I’ve been having an experience lately, and I want to know if this is like, a super common thing? Which is people who claim to be Jewish online, and then say things that very obviously give them away as not Jewish. Example, today I was talking to someone who said that Christ is the Hebrew word for Messiah, that we call God Jehova, and several other very not Jewish things. When I pointed this out, the person called  me blind and sad for not knowing the truth, but when I backed it up, they stopped answering. 

My question is- do you guys experience this kind of faux-Jew trolling a lot? I have NO idea why people do it, but this isn’t the first time I have seen it, and I am sure it won’t be the last. 

Side-Note: I am very against Jews telling other Jews that they are not the “right” kind of Jew- that isn’t what I am addressing here. I am talking about encountering someone who very, VERY obviously has had zero interaction with Jewish texts, culture, or even other Jewish people in general, and who is saying things are Jewish when they very clearly are not (in my experience, it has mostly been expressing Christian notions as Jewish ones). 

Have I ever mentioned I’m 3000% done with goyim being super faux-concerned about Jews and Judaism while they claim that Israel is essentially the reason for antisemitism?