faux gardening


What I’ve been reading lately!!! It goes back maybe a couple of months! I AM SORRYYYYY this has taken this long!!!!! But so many incredible updates!!!!!!!

·      Warrior by @americanowrites

·      No Light by @giantbandgeeks

·      The Golden Hour by @standingfacingwest THE END!!!!!

·      Pure Feeling by @aceofstyles

·      Journeyman by @littlebird006

·      The Faux-Affair by @looselucy

·      Garden of Violets by @allison0446 THE END!

·      Stardust & Silk by @ineffably-styles

·      Dazzle Me by @stylesmyth ONE SHOT

·      Sturmflut by @fuckyeahfics (posting again on 1dff!!!!!)

·      Peaceful Wars by @harrystyluhs

·      Not a bad thing by @booksncoffee

·      Matched by @mrsmiresa

·      About a girl by @beggingforfics

·      Coming Up Roses by @primetimewritings

·      Crooked Heart by @nebulastyles THE END

·      Jukebox by @wildestdreamsfics ONE SHOT

·      Silver Springs by @lifebetterasamermaid THE END

·      Breathless by @lifebetterasamermaid ONE SHOT

·      Fan Fiction by @stilesharrystyles

·      Hands off my heart by @booksncoffee

·      One Day by @wildestdreamsfics

·      Crime Fever by @dickleineelisabeth THE END

·      Forever hold your peace by @cheesewithchips

·      Oxford Comma by @mackabees

·      Come and Fade me by @paynethecreator

·      We are not friends by @heartnsideofmine

·      Any time you’re needing me by @showingthroughtome THE END!

·      Snapshot by @dgstories

·      What goes around comes around by @allison0446

·      Goffin & King by @fromherlips

·      One for the ages by @wdmsusie

·      Mitochondria and His Nucleus by @stilesharrystyles

·      Love is a laserquest by @lifeinblueprint

·      Come home to me by @stilesharrystyles @whimsicalstylesfics

·      Lock yourself out by @team-styles

·      Holly, Jolly by @jetblackkhearts

·      Panacea by @alwaysinstylesfics

·      Cocoon by @looselucy

·      With the new crowd by @likeamisfit

I hope you are all having a great day!!! I am sorry if I missed anyone!!!! and please let me knowwww!!!