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Top 10 sentai suits design.

This one is one I’ve been thinking about for a while since I got it in my inbox. There are a lot of possible answers to this but I wanted to hold off until I caught up on some others and give it a bit of thought. Now that I’ve had the time, here we go!

10. Ryu Commander from Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger

This is going to be the most recent entry on the list and places this low because of that.  That said, I love this look.  I have always been a sucker for the long coat look on tokusatsu heroes going back to at least Shinken Red’s Super Mode and Kamen Rider Wizard, both designs I adore.

When you add violet, which is my favorite recent edition color, to the mix, you have a suit that REALLY hits my sweet spots for awesomeness. Plus, you make it dragon-themed and that just pushes it over the line to being one of the ten best ever.

9. Dragon Ranger from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger

Sticking with Dragons and extra Rangers for a moment I can’t let Burai’s hero outfit go by without adding it to the list.  He started the trend of taking the look of the original heroic suits and adding to them (in his case the chest protector and added gold bands) to the design to make the sixth hero’s outfit something really special. His is also just a great take on the general Zyuranger costume theme and his shade of green is particularly appealing to the eyes, vibrant and rich but not pastel or too dark.

8. Starninger from Shuriken Sentai Ninninger

I am not the biggest fan of the series Shuriken Sentai Ninninger but I am a fan of Starninger, especially his ridiculous outfit.  This may be because I live in Texas and am an American and Starninger’s cowboy rock star outfit is exactly what I expect the rest of the world to think of when they come up with a Texan hero.  Built in cowboy hat?  Check!  Lone Star faceplate? Check! Faux fringe on the faux poncho?  Check and check!  I also love the balance between gold, blue black and red with the gold being primary and everything else used as accent.  It’s a great look and I can’t help but love it!

7. Heart Queen from J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai

One design element of Sentai costumes I don’t think gets used enough are capes.  I love them but more about that later.  Of call the old-school pink heroines, I think Heart Queen has the best costume.  I love the sash across the shoulder to the hip that meets up with her belt, I love the yellow cape that gives a nice color contrast with the rest of her costume, I love the heart-emblem faceplate on the helmet and I really love the four colored triangles on the shoulder.  Each one represents a member of the team and functions as an anchor point for the cape.  Love that design element and I love designs that run diagonally across like that sash/utility harness.

6. Kyoryu Violet 2 from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger

Two of my personal favorite design elements come into play here, the across the chest diagonal design and the color violet.  I really like the Kyoryuger costume designs and somehow, I like the new ones from the South Korean/Japanese co-production Power Rangers Dino Force Brave/Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave even more with their addition of white accents for the helmets and areas on the uniforms.  However, none of those are violet so I ruled them out. This is a nice design and I really like the helmet with the dinosaur teeth and raised areas for eyes plus the little fins on the lower side to suggest the flippers of a plesiosaur.  That little armored shoulder bit suggesting a dinosaur eye just completes the look

5. Vul Eagle from Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan

If you can’t have a cape, I saw go with a scarf.  Yes, it’s more well known as a Kamen Rider costume flourish but I think it works for Sentai as well. Vul Eagle makes this list because I love how simple and iconic his costume is. The white and red color balance is great.  His yellow sun disc stands out on his chest and looks great.  But what really does it for me is his helmet.  The design might be kind of simple but I love the look of it with the huge golden eagle in the front and the yellow accents around the visor suggesting wings.  It’s a really great look.

4. Dekared from Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger

This is another costume I like for the helmet design. That’s not the only reason but it’s one of the first.  I like the police lights on the side of the helmet, I like the way the visor narrows in the middle and sweeps up dramatically to the back.  The visor shape reminds me of the headlights on a Nissan 350Z (which came out about the same time). The other thing I really like about this costume is the way the number designation is done with it being integrated into the left side of the costume and leaving one arm red and the other arm black,  I have a thing for asymmetric costume designs and this one is just fantastic.

3. Gokai Green from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

I really, really like the outfits from Gokaiger.  They pirate theme mixed with a Sentai costume really works with the flared boots, hat-like helmets, high collars and colored coat over a black undersuit just creates a unique look that I really, really think is one of the best designs in the last 10 years. So, why Gokai Green?  I like Green. It’s a good color when done right and Doc’s heroic costume is just the right shade of green to strike my fancy.

2. Akaranger from Himitsu Sentai Goranger

This may seem a pretty easy choice and it was for two reasons. 1) It’s the original Red Hero outfit and set the standard for what Sentai heroes look like. 2) It has my favorite design element of all time for a Sentai costume, that short cape. I love the way capes of that length move in battle and how easy they are to flourish dramatically without having them get in the way or drag like a long cape would. I also just love his thigh holster and high collar.  It’s a classy look that’s really passed the test of time.

1. MagiRed from Mahou Sentai Magiranger

Once more with the capes!  I love capes on Sentai outfits as I just said and I think the capes on the Magiranger outfits are just perfect.  I’m going to go with their original, non-powered up forms because I just think the outfits are better before the added on bits and changes.  The lines are clean and sleek, the material is nicer than the simple cloth used on Akaranger above and the helmet design works much better for me.  In short, good costume design is Magic!

A question often raised by opponents of anti-imperialist Marxism and related lines of praxis is why capitalists should employ First World production workers at all if they are a net drain on surplus value. Whilst it may be admitted that the wages of unproductive sector workers can be considered what Marx called the faux frais (fringe costs) of capitalist accumulation, it is hard to see why imperialists would hire any First World productive sector workers given a certain capacity to super-exploit. In fact, the trend has indeed been towards the latter’s replacement by Third World workers, there being objective limits to how many labour aristocrats capital can afford to employ at a particular time. Nevertheless, there remain certain economic and political imperatives behind the First World’s retention of a production base. First, manufacturing is a much more significant job creator and sustainer than services. Too great a diminution of manufacturing in the imperialist countries would have a tremendous knock-on effect in terms of the wider market for jobs and goods. Second, some companies producing shoes, textiles and other such goods in the First World have managed to find a niche market in consumers willing to pay extra for items “Made in the USA/UK/France,” etc. Third, it may not always be possible to provide alternative, non-productive employment for First World workers displaced from their jobs by the globalisation of production. Fourth, and relatedly, the clamour for protectionism on the part of the labour aristocracy and the decadent middle class of the developed world sets limits to bourgeois “internationalism” (“globalisation”). There would be serious political consequences for the imperialist states should they risk losing the loyalty of their own workforce. Fifth, adequate supply of the domestic market ensures that Third World companies competing for access to a limited (First World) market must lower their own wages and prices, thus ensuring greater profits for Western corporations and investors. Finally, political instability in the Third World and competition from powerful rivals compels the leading imperialist countries to maintain a competitive edge in domestic manufacturing. Indeed, the First World may in the near future be forced to seriously curtail industry in the Third World and re-emerge as the world’s principal industrial centre. International regulations governing environmental degradation and labour standards should certainly be understood in this (protectionist) context.

Simply put, the OECD’s high-wage manufacturing cannot be driven out of the market by low-wage Third World manufacture because the latter is not in competition with the former. In the first place, there is a very real specialisation in the production of light consumer goods by the Third World semi-peripheries. Textile and clothing production, for instance, provides 30% of manufacturing employment in the Third World, but less than 10% of OECD manufacturing employment. Western manufacturing specialises in much sought-after capital goods and electronics production, but even within textile and clothing manufacture, the First World specialises in high-end, high-value-added production of suits, tailored garments, etc. Meanwhile, whilst much of the already limited Third World market in light consumer goods is catered to either by Western imports or by local subcontractors of large OECD-based transnational monopolies, Third World producers are very much dependent upon having access to First World markets. It is intra-Third World competition for such access, and not competition with First World manufacturers, which ensures relatively low Free On Board prices (that is, shipping prices for goods at the point of their manufacture and before they have reached their destination) for Third World imports. Underpriced Third World inputs and consumer goods allow for high ‘Value-added” to accrue to the products of Western industry at the global average rate of profit. This, in turn, enables the West to remain the most lucrative market for goods and investment.

It should, finally, be noted that oppressed national and colonial minorities perform disproportionate quantities of the productive labour carried out in the First World, allowing employers there to keep costs relatively low and retain the loyalty of the metropolitan “white” workers through the provision to them of more lucrative and desirable white-collar employment.

Whether done for reasons of institutional self-preservation, well-intentioned false cosmopolitanism or avowedly conservative proclivities, by presenting the bifurcation of the world workforce into rich and poor as the natural and inevitable outcome of national differences in economic efficiency, educational attainment and cultural norms, the Western left effectively promulgates a mollifying, but self-serving, ideology that obscures the imperialist structures underlying international political economy.

—  Zak Cope, Divided World Divided Class
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The last and final look of the Valentine’s day lookbook  2016 is here!


This absolutely sexy and amazing faux leather fringe dress is EVERYTHING you need in your closet to have a fired up date night in or out! I knew immediately when I saw it that I wanted to incorporate it in the valentine’s day series!

Let me just say this dress makes you turn into somebody else LOL I genuinely felt like sasha fierce in this when doing the photoshoot…. ok ok ok enough about that I bought the dress in a 2x glad I did because the 1x might have been way to small… anways the 2x fits like a liquid latex glove on these curves! It features fringes on the side of the dress which adds to the sexiness and it also has a gold detailed zipper down the middle for added fun when you get home from your date!

I decided to pair it with simple black pumps, and a black clutch and a gold rhinestone necklace that gave it more of a glam look certainly you can opt to not wear a necklace and do statement earrings and a fancier clutch if you wanted, but since the dress had fringe I really didn’t want to fight against the dress!

I hope you all enjoyed this series as much as I did! have an amazing Valentine’s Day this year stay warm for those that’s in the cold regions and for those that’s in the warm regions keep it fiery lol!

Dress- Gstage Love (currently sold out)

Shoes- Go Jane

Clutch- EBAY



Style Steal: Celebrity Looks for Less

It is 2014, and yet there’s still no such technology that allows you to see someone’s outfit and immediately buy an exact, identical copy. Of course, if it’s a celebrity’s outfit that you’re gunning for, chances are that each individual item is way over-budget for the average woman. We’re going to offer you the next best option by replicating four outfits from stars with notable style that are relatively budget-friendly.

Ready? Go!

Miley Cyrus: Grungy

Top: Nasty Gal Sweet Persuasion Crop Tee
Flannel: Uniqlo Women Flannel
Shorts: Saltwater Gypsy Vintage Denim Cutoff Shorts
Boots: Steve Madden Brewzzer Boot
Belt: Halogen Leather Belt
Body chain: Nasty Gal Fallen Light Body Chain

Alexa Chung: Classic/Preppy

Scarf: ModCloth Mustard Circle Scarf
Dress: Gap Stripe Sweater Dress
Coat: Alpha Massimo Rebecchi Coat
Heels: Topshop Lilli Platform Sandal

Vanessa Hudgens: Boho

Top: Charlotte Russe Long Sleeve Crop Top
Pants: LA Hearts Palazzo Pants
Earrings: Topshop Multi Engraved Disc Earrings
Bag: Charlotte Russe Faux Leather Fringe Tote Bag

Cara Delevingne: Sporty Chic

Top: J. Crew Factory White Button-Down Shirt
Pants: Ann Taylor Petite Draped Ankle Pants
Shoes: DKNY Cindy Perf Wedge Sneakers
Bag: V Couture Bacoli Pipe-Trimmed Duffle Bag
Snapback: Obey The City Snapback

This fashion post lovingly crafted for you by:
Rosalyn L. 
Fashion Marketing Contributor at Wantering
Currently coveting this fresh ASOS Leather Cap

(photos from: 1/2/3/4)

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