faux desk

Surprise Visit (BillDip)

High school: Bill showing up in human form to visit Dipper in class

((I had so much fun with this haha! Thank you for the prompt!))

Dipper tapped the eraser of his pencil against the faux wood of his desk, staring with vague disinterest at the lecture going on before him. For the last twelve minutes his history teacher, Mrs. Meadows, had been going on some sort of tangent over the “rich, cultured” history of Gravity Falls, Oregon. Not that he didn’t care for the town he called home far more than Piedmont, oh no, it’s just the fact that Meadows had already went over this topic. On more than one occasion.
He snorted softly. Maybe there was someone in this town who was more obsessed with the place than he was.
There was a chorus of groans from the entire class, and it took Dipper a moment to realize that Meadows had ordered for everyone to take out a sheet of paper. He was just flipping to a new sheet of paper in his notebook (the last had been plagued with boredom-bred doodles, and was filled with a generous amount of a certain dream demon in all his triangular glory) when there was a knock at the door. Meadows looked up from her desk, eyebrows raised. Dipper himself didn’t even look up until he heard an all-too-familiar voice.
“Hello, ma'am, I’m sorry to interrupt, but this was the class I was told Pin- Dipper Pines was in. Is he here?”
Dipper’s head shot up, pencil dropping from his hand and rolling down onto the floor as he gazed at the man in the doorway, his duel-toned hair shimmering in the bright fluorescent lighting. Bill caught his stare within the second, a grin stretching from ear to ear. Dipper swallowed nervously.
Meadows nodded, motioning towards the male twin. “Do you need to pull him out?”
“That sounds delightful.” Bill gave a grin, and Dipper thanked whatever god was above nobody snickered at the obvious comment, or if they noticed, they didn’t say anything. With a motion of the hand, Dipper rose, following the demon outside the classroom.
“What’s wrong?” Dipper rubbed his arms nervously, hoping he didn’t look too nervous about being alone in a public building with his demon boyfriend. Bill turned toward him, a lazy smile across his cheeks.
“Oh, nothing much. I just wanted I see my wonderful, intelligent boyfriend.”
“What did you break?” Dipper sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. Bill made a noise of offense.
“You think so low of me, Pine Tree,” he bemoaned, “Why, I broke nary a thing. I meant what I said. Now, let’s go on an adventure in the forest; I’m bored.”
“You dragged me out of class just to relieve your boredom?” Dipper was fully prepared to unleash a string of obscenities at the man before him, but slammed his mouth shut. He looked at the door behind him, thinking about the lecture that was likely continuing as they spoke. And well, Hell, it was the last period of the day…
“Bill Cipher, you’re gonna be the death of me one day,” Dipper bit his lip, then leaned up and pressed a quick kiss to a dark cheek. “Alright, let’s go before I change my mind.”
Bill could’ve squealed in delight as he wrapped his arms around his Pine Tree’s neck and peppered his face with grateful kisses. “Oh, wonderful! I’ve got the perfect place to show you, too!”
Dipper laughed as they dashed out of the building, arm in arm, as Bill babbled on about caves and glowing mushrooms and hot springs. Sometimes, Dipper decided, he really did love his quirky demon boyfriend.

PROMPT GIVEN BY: Irl-stan-pines