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SQUAD GOALS - photographer: Steven Klein - stylist: Edward Enninful - hair: Shon - Makeup: Pat McGrath - nails: Honey - set design: Stefan Beckman - models: Irina Shayk, Tami Williams, Alécia Morais, Amilna Estevao, Ysaunny Brito, Maria Borges, Aamito Lagum, Kayla Scott, Katie Moore, Joel Wolfe, Jordan Love, Isha Blaaker, Brandon Bailey & Kendall Harrison - W Magazine May 2016


DUXURY ● F.E.M. Shirt (Fur Elastic Mesh)

Wreck It Ralph D23 breakdown.

So today we got our first real dig into the sequel to the 2012 film! The premise is that Ralph and Vanellope still being friend go out on a mission to save Vanellope’s game as sugar rush has broken down and needs a new part to function. So Ralph and Vanellope take matters into their own hands when litwick (The arcade owner) buys a wifi router and they decide to go into the internet in order to find and order the part! 

We were treated to a scene here of Ralph and Vanellope jumping into a portal that carried them into the internet that can be found here 

After they make it into the internet we treated to a sort of hub of living advertisements which look like people. The one liners in this scene were so sharp and funny that the room was so loud it almost affected the presentation. So we are then introduced to a character called “Yesss” with three sss. This character is being played by Taraji P Henson 

And this character wants to help Ralph and Vanellope on their journey. Yess was described as this character who is representative of the internet. She is always changing with the trends an example of this is her hair and small fashion details seemed to always be in flux literally . Her outfit was also interesting as it was made of fiber optic cables that resembled faux fur her design was VERY cool and her character came off as sweet yet firm to Ralph and his plight. She leads Ralph and Vanellope to a site that she believes can help Ralph go “Virus” as ralph puts it (he means viral). The site in question is an area where Ralph and Vanellope can generate enough hype to help them be popular and it’s Ohmydisney.com LOL 

Which in the scene was treated as a sort of virtual Disneyland with a lot of visual gags representing what a day in the park looks like for the poor inhabitants who live/work there. They even poked fun at Tsum Tsums and the rabid fans who have to collect le merchandise like crazy. The scene worked really well imo and fit with Ralph’s humor for the first film. This leads to the final Scene as vanellope sees the princesses leaving their Meet and Greet parade to their dressing area and decides to visit them to “mess with them”. You basically have a whole 10 minutes of some of the best spit fire jokes with Vanellope interacting with every “offical” brand Disney Princess. And god did that scene have me in tears from the jokes I am not going to spoil a single detail from that but let me say it’s going to be one hell of an iconic scene come 2018 that I PRAY doesn’t get ruined by a trailer.