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Latest Musings on the Stunts ✍🏼

💅 Taylor’s stunt buddy was left at home again from yet another important event, the Met Gala. As discussed previously he is never invited to important or personal events of hers.

💅 Speaking of leaving fake ‘boyfriends’ out of significant events …. despite Karlie putting Josh on blast with their pap walks and social media, Karlie excluded him from her very personal Time 100 video …. a major and permanent moment in her life. She did, however, include Taylor in both the friend and family sections. 👯

💅 There is a clear pattern with how Taylor and Karlie use their stunt buddies: pap walks for the media (personal promotion), social media reminders (that they are all ‘certified heterosexuals), and promotion for CH’s music and Josh’s company. Both faux BF’s are left out of anything personal and permanent in Karlie’s and Taylor’s lives.

💅 After the Met Gala we are now up to 8 hand-holding outings for Josh and Karlie in their entire nearly 4-year bearding relationship ….. but 5 of these 8 have occurred in just the last 8 weeks. Reminder: Josh and Karlie have been faux-dating for over 200 weeks so you can see how amped up this has been of late. Scooter Braun …. cough …. cough …. Scooter Braun. 🙄

💅 Scooter Braun officially welcomed Karlie to his SBProjects family on November 30, 2015. Think about this in relation to the amped up Josh/Karlie hand-holding outings, as well as the amount of staged pap shots we have seen of solo Karlie in 2016. 

💅 Scooter Braun was in NYC yesterday when Team Kloss went into full stunt panic mode.  Scooter is leading the Team Kloss stunt train.

💅 Did Karlie’s authenticity get thrown out the window with the arrival of Scooter Braun?

💅 CH’s brother and sister have kept their Facebook profile’s open to the public and did not delete their comments despite the mass hysteria by the ‘kids’. So they obviously have no issues with people discussing their publicly shared info.

💅 Josh brought his buddy Mikey Hess to the Met Gala. This is the same buddy Josh brought to Coachella too.

💅 Kimby is on Twitter ‘liking’ Kaylor-related tweets after her Josh stunting