faux book cover


Farscape: The Mini-series faux comicbook cover art (2014) by ratscape

Farscape is a science fiction TV series that originally aired from 1999 to 2003. Although the series was planned for five seasons, it was abruptly cancelled after production had ended on its fourth season, ending the series on a cliffhanger. Thanks to the attention generated by a massive fan campaign, various financial backers in Europe offered their support, and in 2004, The Jim Henson Company produced a three-hour miniseries to wrap up the series storyline entitled Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars.

These light-hearted, faux comic book covers were created to, in a way, chronicle the return of Farscape from the fan’s perspective. A total of 12 covers were posted at the fan-run watchfarscape.com site, one every 2 weeks till just before the airing of the miniseries. Many of the pieces were used as postcard giveaways at comicbook and scifi conventions to raise awareness of the show and its return.