faux ally

I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again:

You cannot challenge racism, on this level, by being nice to and reaching out to white supremacists.  Their entire ideology revolves around dehumanizing us.  It just does. not. work.  

You cannot fight fascism by prioritizing the feelings of fascists and letting them think they’re safe around you.  You don’t “get them on your side”.  Because treating them kindly and respecting them, gives them your silent approval and access to those of you who are way more vulnerable than you are and who cannot afford to feel safe enough to “debate” with these monsters. 

Our humanity is not a question or a debate topic, and by giving these people a platform you legitimize their views and help spread them to a larger audience. 

Millions of “American Poc” were killed, and we have actually had genocide and slavery right in the US…But yeah we are so privileged…get past that simplistic “USians are privileged because they are in the US end of story” idea. Try showing some sensitivity and respect towards us (and not just when you can use our experiences for blog notes or sj cred).

I guess its easier to talk about a man who was “polite to the KKK” and made them turn in their coward’s robes than it is to talk about the people the KKK have terrorized, abducted and murdered.  We should all just reach out to our local KKK chapter and let them rant at us and ask them polite questions and maybe…just maybe…they might see that we’re human and realize the error of their ways.  Sounds legit. 

If that man had been done the same thing and had been murdered by those klan members, these people wouldn’t be reblogging a post about it.  It be just another thing they’d ignore (if not blame us for). 

Do people just..not know the history of the KKK and the awful shit that they’ve done?  Do they really think that it was about black people being “mean”?  Is this the terrible result of the milquetoast liberalism that is more worried about tone policing minorities than it is actually achieving anything?  Do people really think saying that you have to “be nice to the people who want to either re-enslave you or wipe your kind off of the face of the earth” is a logical statement to make?

No ones saying white Americans don’t have privilege. They’re saying that you shouldn’t just say “American PoC” gain privilege from being American because that is an ahistorical claim that reduces the collective history of people of color in this country.

That story about Steve Bannon supporting the suppression of African American voters should be one example of why reaching out to those people isn’t a strategy with any long term viability.  People acting like they need to control us and our anger so that the white supremacists don’t have a reason to be racist…having to put time into debating our humanity like its a question that needs to be pondered over or a difference of opinion…I loathe the very idea that people view that as “calm logic” when its really just their myopia talking. 

I guess they’re too busy acclimating and trying to humanize white supremacists to know this but…White supremacists know their stereotypes and “facts” aren’t true, because they only use them as justifications for their behavior. That’s how its always been.  “Natives drink and steal resources, that’s why its okay to assault them and steal their land.  Black people are violent thugs and liars, that’s why its okay to execute them on the street and use military grade weapons on their neighborhoods.  PoC are genetically inferior, they’re “mudmen” and abominations who steal from “True Americans” aka Christian white people.  They’re out to steal what you deserve and rape white women. Jews control everything and are forcing you to co-exist with them.”  They spread these lies around to dehumanize their targets and so that YOU believe them and let them get away with it. They’re scared of accountability. 

They selectively make their marginalized friends the “exception’ so that they don’t have to challenge their own beliefs.  Many of these people have family and friends in the groups that they persecute, but they’ll still go meet up with their hate group and advocate for destroying those very people and fail to see what’s wrong with that.  So if having black family or friends or coworkers won’t make these people stop, what makes you think marginalized people should put themselves at risk to “reach out” to these people?  What makes you think random white allies are going to get them to change their mind?  They can barely handle talking to racist family members, let alone violent, open white supremacists who willingly assault “race traitors”. 

To be honest, going by how defensive “allies” can be when any of us is less than accommodating to the idea of having civil conversations with people who regularly target us…I think its more likely that they’ll just “reach common ground” with the belief that racism is our fault, but disagree on how overt people should be and try to pass that off as “allyship”. 

I personally would prefer an anti-racism strategy that isn’t centered around what’s beneficial for white supremacists, and focus on what’s beneficial to us. 

Antiblackness is relevant because your asses made it relevant the moment you decided to talk over black people and imply we were invading a space that literally exploits us. Believe it or not, if you say incorrect things about another group then they are allowed to tell you your wrong and their responses aren’t less valid because they arent as convienient, especially when you barely skimmed over them.

I love how the Blackout tags are full of positivity and black people praising each other and all sorts of unity on a level people thought as previously unprecedented.  Its trending, its on the news.  Celebrities are participating.  It was historic. 

And the whiteout tag is just full of a bunch of racists actually being racist. But they failed to be relevant outside of just showing how racist and petty they are.  That’s just hilarious.   I wonder if all of these “allies” and anti-black folk directed at least half of their vitriol towards these people….

When girls (regardless of whether they are straight, bi, lesbian, pan, or asexual) ship two male characters, it can and often does tread into the gross fetishizing-gay-men-and-being-a-disgusting-faux-ally territory.  I’m not making judgment calls or claiming to be superior to anyone but I think this needs to be addressed. 

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harukie  asked:

I'm just tired. Tired about larries and their tunnel vision. It's so damn annoying how an article/journalist/etc. says something pro-larry and larries immediately suck their ass, they think they're the ones who know everything about everyone but they're so manipulated. They don't even help Louis and Harry, they just care about ship them but not support them. I'm so grateful that the ziam fandom is more controlled. Bless the #teamstunt who are focused on everything.

I agree that the Larry fandom has been very manipulated, both by the media and by 1DHQ. There seems to be such a thirst–a desperation–among some Larries for any type of validation that there’s no concern for when people are laughing AT you (and Harry and Louis) and not WITH you. At this point there’s no longer any type of a demand for respect for themselves (or Harry and Louis) anymore. It’s just, “notice me, notice me, NOTICE MY SHIP!” And the consequence of that is being made a fool of and debasing Harry and Louis’ relationship in the process.

Accurate representation of that type of Larrie in 2015. 

It’s a problem. And I contemplated this for a while last night. When I saw some Larries were absolutely loving some of the shady and downright insulting articles about 1D’s impending hiatus–which included shade about the closet and using queerness as a tool to level up fame-wise–I wondered what are they seeing that I’m not seeing? How could anyone consider this crap positive or worse yet, seeding for a coming out? I was baffled.

But then I thought well maybe this is one of the many ways that privilege manifests itself. Because privilege can means you can’t relate to the struggles of marginalized people because you don’t share in that struggle. Obviously, those laughing at the low-key homophobic gay jokes cannot relate. One article joked that Harry and Louis would finally make it official in their 40′s after years and years of self imposed closeting. The reaction? OMG you guysssssss, Larry mention!!!!1!1! Everybody knows!!!! I love it!1!11!!!!

My reaction?

So where’s the disconnect? It must have something to do with many of these fans being people who don’t have to be on their guard for hate and microaggressions that can come outta left field at any time. Or they absolutely have no empathy for the struggles of queer people. Or they absolutely minimize the fact that closeting is a by-product of hate. And hate is not a joke.

At any rate, I’ve had it with these self aggrandizing faux allies who are only in it for fetishization, titillation and amusement. Even though many of us have fun with the cute aspects of Harry and Louis’ relationship, there should be a line in sand where you say enough or that’s not ok. And both the media that exploit Larry for page views without expressing a shred of sympathy for their current plight and the fans who eat it up have crossed that line. It’s not ok.