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hmm, is there a compilation of prostitute/hooker/escort fics? any pairings.

- i just want to be your fantasy, and maybe you can be mine by imperatritsa; yoonmin
- trying to behave (but you know that we never learned how) by christmasyoongi; yoonmin
- the less i know the better by mucha; taegi
- break your plans tonight by xxdevilishxx; junghope
love exposure by pettey; jikook
- we are bulletproof by resonae; yoonjin, ot7
pump pedals, not prostitutes by vppa; taekook
- the lost boys club series by jflawless; yoonmin
- silver spoon by scrawlthestory; vmon
his weekend by hobilu; yoongi x four of the members
- amoris et sanguinis by sugamins; yoonmin
- faux affliction by incadence; taekook
everything has a price (not my love, darling) by xsxuxgxax; taekook
- birthday boy by incadence; yoonmin

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Master list 2015

Wow, so this blog is a year old now! And although I wrote less than I expected, and didn’t put as much time into this blog as I would have wanted to, I still want to thank everyone who has read my fic, left comments and supported me.  2016 will hopefully be filled with more longfics, writing and more interactions with my wonderful readers. THANK YOU!

** : fics that are oneshots or longfics


3 sentence fic:



3 sentence fic



3 sentence fic:




3 sentence fic








Faux Affliction

[ a/n: aka the awfully self indulgent stripper fic ]

Nobody would guess that the dark alleyway, tucked on a lonely corner on an equally lonely street would be one of the most walked places in Seoul. When the night turns dark, and thin hoods are pulled to cover heads and dark slicked eyeliner; if you look close enough, you might be able to see people pooling into the alleyway, then disappearing like they weren’t ever there in the first place.

If you listen even closer, you might hear the inklings of pounding music and laughter filtering through the thick, heavy walls.

If you happen to walk down the alleyway, into the tiny door wedged towards the side, you’ll come across a man, small, pretty and inconspicuous. Little would guess him as one of the most powerful men in the country, a quick hand and lying smiles. Min Yoongi. Don’t mess with him. The tangles of spiderwebs are sticky and dangerous.

You’re not here by accident, he knows that and the door is opened.

Welcome to Bangtan Boys. And what they lack in subtlety they give with a night that leaves dizzying moans and pretty images that linger for days to come.

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