The 27 Tritype Discriptions


This took me FOREVER. Ever since I’ve learned about tritypes I have lamented at the lack of cohesive resources on the subject. All the information is scattered and disorganized across many platforms and its simply frustrating to find and research. I figured I would do my civic duty to this community and compile this information. This is the 27 Tritypes put together in a cohesive and simplified manner.  

I would like to say that I only wrote about 20% of this. All I did was put the information togeather, make it fit, and add in info when it was lacking. Please let me know if you have anymore questions!


The 27 Tritypes is a theory by Katherine Chernick Fauvre, her website is http://www.katherinefauvre.com/tritype/ 

Most of the information came from >>THIS THREAD 

For a quick guide on enneagram i did, including tritypes, click >>HERE Please read this before asking further questions, Thank you!

The Mentor: 125, 251, 512

Gut: 1 Heart: 2  Head: 5

Mentors want to help others with the information they have acquired. They love being the stoic guidance counselor. Caring, practical, knowledgeable. They can be very controlling, and sometimes try to force advice on others, but it is often very helpful. They have high expectations for others and push them to be their best. They should try to be less judgmental of others and not over-give. Your life mission is to use your wisdom to provide the information needed to manifest ideals that help those in need. A true mentor, you are happiest when you can help others improve themselves. They could make great teachers – they are precise, ethical, thorough, intellectual, disciplined, but also altruistic and willing to help other people. They are usually moral and righteous individuals, who have high ideals and are willing to stand by a cause they believe in. Their interest in people and commitment to knowledge and improvement can turn them into crusaders for theories and systems that can make the world a better place.

The Supporter: 126, 261, 612

Gut: 1 Heart: 2 Head: 6
As a Supporter, you are discerning, caring and inquisitive. You want to be ethical, helpful and cooperative. Highly responsible, you are most comfortable when you do things by the book and know what to expect. Focused on the needs and concerns of others, you seek ways to be of service. Your life mission is to find structured ways to give, and be of assistance to others. A true helper, you are happiest when you are in a position to support others achieve their goals. You can be overly fixed in your opinion of what is right and be rigid in your expectations of yourself and others and thus come across as disapproving or militant. This type ignores their own desires. They are very loyal and act as they feel they should and often for others. They want to serve and they tend to expect others to as well. Fear of desperateness, humiliation and doubt. Tendency to seek things they will accept, approval and assurance. This is absolutely the “caring friend” archetype.

The Teacher: 127, 271, 712

Gut: 1 Heart: 2 Head: 7  

As a Teacher, you are a person needing to find structured ways to play and be of service. They like to teach and to support others. It’s the classic elementary school teacher archetype that wants to find innovative but structured ways to make learning or improving enjoyable to people. The blindspot is they can become so attached to their way of doing “fun” and innovation that they can gloss over negative feelings that need to be addressed or become too rigid in their expectations thus making things not fun. You love discovering new things and sharing what you learn with others. Your mission is to help those in need of guidance, hope, and inspiration. You can also be hyper-focused on keeping things overly positive and upbeat. Your growing edge is to be willing to experience emotional pain. You can be overly identified with positive emotions and appropriate behavior. Negative emotions teach us what we are feeling and are an important aspect of any decision making process. A true teacher, you are happiest when you can use your teaching skills to make learning a creative and enjoyable experience

The Technical Expert: 135, 351, 513

Gut: 1 Heart: 3 Head: 5

The Technical expert is driven, self disciplined, success and image oriented (but the image is not one of flash. It’s ALWAYS perfect and appropriate.)…discerning, self demanding and judgmental with a focus on control. Extremely productive and hardworking, she barely gives herself a break, but when she does it’s like a huge release. It’s always planned though…Highly intelligent and focused, but can be narrow-minded at times, even though she’s capable of seeing other perspectives if she’s convinced of the “rightness” of hers she will be harsh, critical and obstinate. You are diligent, focused and knowledgeable. You want to be ethical, efficient and wise. Highly rational, you seek systems and procedures. Detail oriented, you like mathematical concepts and finding ways to breakdown and understand complex material. You are very precise and good with your hands. Your life mission is to be focused and to use your powers of observation to achieve goals. A true technical expert, you feel happiest when you use your knowledge and precision skills to create, achieve and teach.

The Taskmaster: 136, 361, 613

Gut: 1 Heart: 3 Head: 6

As a technical expert you are incredibly discerning, focused and responsible type. She said they will be the most inclined to want to live up to a successful image by societal standards and to focus on duty in order to feel valuable. She called it the “true taskmaster” that is inclined to create structure and rules that others in society can follow and to implement them. She said the blindspot is that one can be so overly focused on the rules that they can lose touch with their own values and feelings in deference to what is acceptable or societally defined. you are diligent, focused and knowledgeable. Elegant, stoic and resolute with a loyal professional veneer. Very self critical. Strong ideas about how they should act and have man guidelines that they must follow and cannot deter from. They can feel like a break from work is a sin, and sometimes only feel okay working. This is one of the hardest workers, if not the hardest worker of the 27 archetypes.

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