faust in his study

Yo no salgo a la calle cuando hay luz.
Quiero solamente mi luminosidad.
Como las tortugas duermo.
Soy mi templo.
Me elevo como un globo.
Tengo un gusto propio y el cabello que no quiero peinar.
Estos son los muros donde se pudren mis ojos,
se agrietan las costillas,
reboto como un balón
y voy perdiendo la vida,
Pero soy el dueño de mi infierno.
El rey de mi reino.
Aunque todas esas culebras suban a lamer la úlcera,
la gangrena también es sólo mía.
En estas murallas se cae mi piel
todas las flores me colorean
              y son negras.

Rey del infierno - Darío Lemos

Helping Out

Faust didn’t really like the palace.  The marble was really cold, it smelled too much like goat, and the man with the shiny hand was too loud and angry.

She slinked along the marble floor, heading towards the library.  Asra had gotten misplaced during a walk in the woods and she was hoping to find him there.

How was she supposed to nap without him?  That would be rude.

To her great disappointment, the library was completely Asraless.  The pile of pillows in the corner looked hopeful, but it was clear he wasn’t in them after she nosed around a bit.  Part of her just wanted to curl up and sleep, but she needed to find her poor lost Asra.

A frustrated sigh drew her attention to the room’s other occupant.  The doctor was at the desk, leaning over a pile of notes and muttering to himself.  Figuring that maybe he knew where Asra was, Faust made her way onto the desk.  She coiled around Julian’s arm, squeezing gently to get his attention.

Asra.  Lost.

He glanced down at her in confusion and she flicked her tongue out in annoyance when she remember he couldn’t hear her.

Why were people so deaf?

“Faust?”  Julian turned tired eyes to study the snake wrapped around his arm.  “If you’re here, then where is your master?  I swear, if he’s slacking off again….”

He gave a soft sigh before downing a considerable amount of the strong smelling drink, turning back to his notes.  “Nevermind, perhaps you can be of more help.”

Faust squeezed his arm again as he started talking, pointing out odd scribbles or suddenly adding to his notes.  She didn’t really understand what he was going on about, but he was warm and offered a nice place to rest.

She really should go find Asra, but the sunlight hit her scales just right where she was curled around Julian’s arm….

“I think I’ve got it!”  The loud yell startled Faust awake and she dropped from Julian’s arm onto the desk.

“Ilya?” Asra’s voice drifted into the library and Faust perked up as his smell quickly followed.  “Have you seen Faust?  I haven’t seen her anywhere.”

“She and I just had a breakthrough while you were slacking off,” Julian exclaimed, gathering supplies.  “I’m off to go try the cure on the count.”

He swept past Asra and out of the library, muttering to himself as he went.

Asra watched him go, then moved over to the desk.  Faust perked her head up as her favorite human approached.

“Now what kind of trouble have you caused this time?”  Asra asked, chuckling softly.

Faust scooted over the desk to gesture to Julian’s notes.


Asra cocked his head to the side, working on deciphering the chicken scratch.  “Oh Ilya.  Leeches?  He’s not going to be happy about that.”

With a soft smirk, he held out a hand to Faust.  “Shall we go see what type of trouble our good doctor got himself into?”

Squeeze.  Faust confirmed, winding around the offered arm.

She wound around his neck, nestled in his scarf as he left the library.

Hopefully they weren’t going near the loud shiny man again.

My Theories about Faust and Blue Exorcist: A masterpiece

For me, being a German, Faust by Goethe is one of the greatest works of literature in the whole history of our country and those of you, who know it or read it, may have noticed the parallels between Faust and Blue Exorcist, especially when it comes to Mephisto. So I summarized the similarities and the more I thought of it, I came to some interesting AnE theories.


- Mephisto is born on August the 28th; Goethe has the same birthday

-Mephisto can speak German fluently, that’s why it’s ‘Eins, Zwei, Drei!’ not ‘One, two, three!’

- Mephisto can turn into a dog, same goes with Mephistopheles from Faust

- He can transfer peoples mind (here you should think about the manga chapter, where he took Rins and his mind to Gehenna). In Faust Mephisto did that too. (Auerbachs Keller)

- His pseudonym is Johann Faust, the original name of Faust, before Goethe changed it into Heinrich Faust

- As we discovered in the latest chapters, Mephisto makes contracts with people too

- He thinks of emotions like love as nothing more than imagination what is similar to Goethes Mephistopheles.

- The difference between the two Mephistos is that AnE Mephisto loves humans and what they create and the other Mephy thinks of mankind as gods biggest failure

- In Faust Mephistopheles has a bet (idk if that grammar is correct sorry) with god, if he could satisfy Heinrich Faust, so he would stop striving. He sees Faust as the perfect example for gods creation; striving for wisdom until his dying day. So, you remember the chapter when Mephisto broke the fourth wall and said that the third big need of humanity is wisdom? Knowledge? I bet he had his reasons for it and said it because of his own experience

- We also saw Faust and Mephisto in Fausts study room in a flashback ;)


According to these facts I think the story of Faust appeared SOMEWHERE in Mephistos past. After 'Fausts’ Death or the publishing of Goethes tragedy he went by the names 'Mephisto Pheles’ and 'Johann Faust’. In my opinion there are four candidates for the role of Faust:

- Faust himself in Mephistos past

- Shiro Fujimoto: He could’ve made the contract with Mephy and selled his soul to the demon king. In Faust Mephistopheles was aware of everything Faust did and everything that happened around him. He said he doesn’t know everything, but a lot. That kinda fits Mephisto, because in AnE he’s also often in the background and no one knows, what he’s up to. So that could be the reason, why Mephisto appeared so fast, when Shiro died and Rin used the phone. He didn’t need the call. He already knew what happened. A contract with Shiro also could be the reason why Mephy joined the order and why he lives in Assiah. Fausts contract made Mephisto his servant, who helps him whenever he needs it. So according to that, Shiro could’ve needed Mephistos help and Mephisto had to join the exorcists because of Shiros wishes. I guess Satan wouldn’t welcome Mephy with open arms bc of that, and so he stayed in Assiah and with the exorcists. It is also possible, that Mephisto had to accept Rin as an exorcist and a student at True Cross Academy, not because he wanted to but because Shiro said so and he had to

- Rin Okumura: Simply because he is the protagonist and that would make sense

- Yukio Okumura: Comparing Fausts and Yukios character traits, they have a lot of similarities. Think of that scene where Mephisto is talking about wisdom again: After he finished his speech about it, Yukio was the first one to appear. Faust and Yukio share their need for wisdom and their ambition. Faust tried to kill himself. Now think of Yukio and the chapter where he nearly committed suicide: You get it? I would like to look forward to Mephisto making a contract with Yukio and Yukio selling his soul to Mephisto.

It could also be, that Mephisto made the contract with Faust, Shiro AND Yukio and that’s kinda his hobby or something. In that case: History repeated itself.


Please skip that part, when you haven’t read the latest chapters and spoilers aren’t okay for you.

You’ve seen the clones in Section 13? In my opinion they symbolize Homunculus. Homunculus is a synthetic created human in Faust. The clones are also created, they’re no born humans or demons, they’re clones. Since I know that Homunculus dies because he shatters on Nereus’ wagon I suppose the clones get destroyed before they even get out of this glass thing they’re in.


So here comes the real fun: Mephisto in Faust said that it’s up to women to change his mind about love and to prove him wrong about what he thinks. Mephy is alive for a long time and lived through a long amount of time, where women had to bow down to men and weren’t independent, so he is used to shy and weak women. Girls like Shiemi make the majority of females he met in his life, so he would want someone who is determined, brave and strong and of course someone convincing. Otherwise you wouldn’t get him to even think about changing his opinion. But that’s not enough. Mephisto would need someone who is different from all the types of people he knows, the rare exception to the rest of humanity. So to summarize it: Mephisto COULD feel love and emotions like that, there was just no people to show him yet :)

CREDIT TO @satanscenarios


(The update gave me the life to escape my homework)

Faust rested on the shop’s counter, curled up in Asra’s travel scarf.  It still smelled of him, of the desert they had last visited.  She missed their travels, their carefree days, their friend.  Now Asra just spent his time away from the shop, or delving into ancient magic in the back room.  He refused to talk about their friend right now, and it had been forever since she’d last seen him happy.

Currently he was at the palace again, leaving her to watch the shop.  She’d tugged his scarf from the pile he’d left it in, using it to warm herself.  Maybe after all this was over all three of them could go on another adventure.

She was just starting to doze off when she heard the door slip open.  For a split second she thought it was Asra, perking up out of the scarf.  Then an unfamiliar smell hit her tongue and she glared towards the door.

Someone was invading her home.

The man was tall, taller than humans really had a right to be in her opinion.  His red hair was messy, a black bird like mask covering his face.  Quickly, before he could notice, she slipped over to the shelves.

The man sighed, removing the mask and setting it on the counter.  “Now where’s that damn magician?”

Faust let out an angry hiss.  This man was after her Asra!  The nerve!

She moved quickly up to the top shelf, using it as a launching point to make it over to the light.  He ran a hand through his red hair, messing it up as he studied the herbs behind the counter.

“What does he even use this stuff for?”

He shifted, moving under the light.


She dropped down onto the man’s shoulders, quickly coiling around his neck and squeezing.  The man let out a startled yelp, hands flying to try and tug her loose.  She bit at his fingers when they got too close.  There was no way she was going to let him hurt her Asra.

“Alright, that’s enough you two!”  Asra’s voice suddenly rang out, startling Faust into letting go of the intruder’s neck.

Asra scooped her off the man’s shoulders, raising an eyebrow down at her.  “Faust, what have I told you about murdering people?  We’ve talked about this.”

Julian rubbed his throat, glancing over at Asra.  “You know that hellbeast?”

Rather than answer, Asra watched as Faust curled around his arm, hissing up at him.

You know him?

“Faust, this is Ilya, a plague doctor.  We’re working to find a cure together.  Ilya, this is Faust, my familiar.”

“And a damn viper.”  Julian rubbed his neck, glaring at the snake.

Asra smiled softly, the first time in a long time.  “She was just protecting the shop.  And you did break in.”

Julian sighed, holding up his hands.  “Fine, fine, that’s fair.”

Faust studied the doctor, tongue flicking out.

No.  Not Ilya.  Faust nodded as she decided on the best nickname for this new ‘friend’.  Squeeze.

Asra faused for a second, then collapsed backwards laughing.  Both Julian and Faust gave him a concerned look as his laughter rang out through the shop.

“Did I miss something?”  Julian frowned, looking between snake and magician.

Asra gasped, wiping his eye as propped himself up on an arm.  “It’s nothing Ilya.  Faust just said she’s excited to work with you.”

Liar.  Faust flicked her tongue out at Asra.

Julian looked between the two of them again and sighed.  He was never going to understand the magician.

Or his snake.