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Limuw | Santa Cruz Island by Zoe Keller ( @compassandwheel )
Graphite on Paper 
90" x 48"

“Santa Cruz Island is found 35 kilometers off the coast of southern California, the largest and most biologically diverse of the eight Channel Islands. It is home to 55 of the islands’ 281 endemic plant taxa and 16 of the 43 endemic terrestrial vertebrates. Today, Santa Cruz is owned jointly by the Nature Conservancy, which controls the western 76% of the island, and the National Park Service, which controls the eastern 24%.” - excerpt from the companion text written by Zoe Keller

October 12, 2017

Grey Rat Snake

Please forgive the out of nature photo. This big lady was trapped in some garden netting for some time (I’m not sure I was out of town for four days) Note how swollen her neck is above my little finger. She had apparently been chasing something, bit the netting and then started to coil and ended up hopelessly trapping herself in the netting. 

Please be mindful of what you leave out in your yard, animals, wild and domestic, can often become trapped, choked, or injured on many things we wouldn’t see as dangerous. With things like garden netting be sure to check it daily or at least every other day to make sure animals and bugs aren’t trapped. 

On another note, I’m very lucky and happy this was not a venomous snake. If you are ever in a position like this with a venomous snake, or you just don’t know what type of snake it is, please call an animal control officer. I knew this snake was not dangerous to me which is why I took it upon myself to rescue it. If possible call a wildlife rescue when you find an injured animal, even if the injuries seem light, you may not see the full extent of the injuries.