Done with the main sewing for my faun costume! I’m going to go through it again tonight with stronger stitches. All that’s left to do for the legs part is foam the shoes for an ankle-effect, add hooves, and fur the shoes. I’m really pleased with how it looks! It’s been fun and simple to do, albeit time-consuming. 


I’ve made a lot of changes to the whole costume ensemble and have really got the whole thing to look the way I like. I’m sure whenever I wear this I will always tweak little things, but take a look a the ‘completed’ costume here!


Found a few more pictures of me in my faun costume. My utility belt is missing in two of these pictures though. On second thought, the first two are from last season, I had no bangs!  Oh well. They’re here anyway. PS. If that’s you in the nifty awesome costume next to me from this year’s maryland rennfest, let me know!  You’re great!