faun shoes

cannibxl  asked:

i was one of the will grahams from Kumo, I just saw your pics in the kumo tag that you posted and i NEED to know how you made your fawn legs and with what supplies *A* i need it.

Oh man its great to hear from you!
Make sure to fasten your seatbelt because this is going to be a wild ride on a roller coaster of how to make faun legs with as little crying as possible.

So with your faun legs, you look like this.
(so cool, dang, hello wow, your legs look like a goat’s)

Your actual legs are more like this.

Now I’m going to confuse you with a diagram.

Phew, okay, the rest of this is going under the cut. Follow along to learn the tips and tricks.

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Faun Shoes

I made these shoes in August I just haven’t had the tech to post them. They are made of 80 polyurethane rubber (same stuff as those self healing cutting mats. I didn’t purchase pigment for the shoes because I still plan to light them with some LED strips I got at a recent car show. I’m still wavering on taking commissions on them for people who aren’t local but as my career progresses that is bound to change. I can produce these for around $70 USDA which is $190 less than my competitors but that needs to be drastically reviewed.

The hoofs are large and have a natural bottom design. Their polyurethane material helps them absorb each step you take and they still clip clop around :) I finished this image layout of them today for the industrial design competition tomorrow (I’m just observing and trying to get an internship) maybe ill run into a costume design competition.

Wish me luck