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Consider this: instead of telling me I’m not chubby when I obviously am, maybe acknowledge it in a positive way? When I causally mention my chubbiness, the last thing I need is “you aren’t chubby! Stop saying that about yourself!” Because that means you very obviously see chubby as a bad thing and that isn’t how you make chubby people feel better for themselves

Our goals aren’t to get skinny. Our goals are to accept who we already are.

Adam had seen many of Ronan’s dreams made real by now, and he knew how savage and lovely and terrifying and whimsical they could be. But this girl was the most Ronan of any of them that he’d seen. What a frightened monster she was.

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so noodle and russel aren’t done yet but i figured i might as well share 2d and murdoc’s refs for this dumb thing i came up with

i call it the fantasy au but its gonna be kinda horror-y as well.. eventually….

basically it takes place in ur stereotypical fantasy village, where murdoc is a really shitty wizard who spent all his money on booze and 2d is a faun boy who finds/steals magical items and sells them for money,, he finds murdoc and basically follows him around trying to sell shit till murdoc just agrees to let him tag along eventually bc he’s secretly gay and lonely

anyway thats all for now but more art will be coming soon!! if you have any questions or want me to see something shoot me an ask or tag me in a post!!


Oh yeah!! Posting regularly might become a thing! But here’s my faun OC Kalim again! Also if anything here’s a summary of him: He was abandoned at a young age by his parents and then managed to find someone to take care of him, he then practiced making potions and practicing magic (mainly necromancy). He also lives in a den with his bestfriend Zenøs!

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satyr~ (these days I only ever get to do watercolor painting when I’m in drawmeets; I kinda wanna try a decent, non-rushed, long-term project again one of these days

also I’m glad the scanner actually worked great with the colors for this one, though I’m sad it didn’t capture the gold pen bits. but that is to be expected)