faun and mermaid

Here is my entire character/creature lineup for this past Animal Alphabets Mythical Creatures Edition.  I’m glad that I was able to get through the entire alphabet.  Looking forward to the next one!

Whenever I see sci fi prosthetic designs and they’re like… just human limbs I get incredibly bored… like… how boring… 

Why not a robotic mermaid tail, or a centaur leg replacement or even like 8 arm attachments that can independently move on its own? Like why limit yourself to human shapes if you’re designing limb enhancements in a futuristic setting? Imagine the things humans could do if they had the body parts of animals that could fly or swim or traverse different terrains….

To Embroider Your Waist With Corals by smittenwithlouis

The first thing he notices is the light cyan wings and the humanoid body with bird like feet, clearly a harpy, a child one at that. Harry thinks the best thing to do is to grab him and pull him above water as quickly as possible, so air can make it into its struggling lungs. That was his plan, until he made eye contact with it for a split second and that’s all it took for a flood of emotions to hit him like a sailfish.

Or: All harpy Louis has known is the sky, all merprince Harry has known is the sea, except when they’re together.


- note me with the references of your character

- I start your commission after payment

- Payment via PayPal

- PayPal fee is the commissioner’s charge

- only single characters

- only OCs

- mild nudity is ok

- NSFW theme or too detailed design: +4 USD

- humans or humanoid characters (with animal features, horns, wings, ect), every species of anthros/furries, animals (big cat, canine, cornipes, reptile, ect) and mytical creatures (dragon, unicorn, mermaid, faun, were wolf, ect)

- I have the right to decline your commission

- I offer quality artworks

I stayed up tonight because I just had to make this. Dost always seemed like a mythical creature. They never seemed odd as a faun, or a mermaid, or whatever they felt like being. Now they just get to be an angel.

We’ll miss you Kip. RIP.

It’s funny but I’ve always had a hard time drawing those curls he loved in his wigs so much, and yet this just felt so easy to make. I like to think I got some help with it.

Adventurer tip: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

The scariest siren~
The biggest internal debate for me is which end is her actual head? Is the monster the butt or is the lady the butt? That is up for interpretation.

Regardless, Aulus, you shouldn’t kiss strange women at sea anyway.

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Stage, sweeney todd and grease ♥

Asks for Mun

  • Stage: Religion?

I don’t have one! I’m a spiritualist, though. Very in tune with nature and science and keeping peace in my life through meditation and positivity

  • Sweeney Todd: Favorite movie?

I have a few. LoTR trilogy, Harry Potter, The Little Mermaid, The Labyrinth, Pan’s Labyrinth, Princess Mononoke, You see a theme here, right? I love fantasy films. 

  • Grease: Favorite mythical creature?

Mermaids, Fauns, Elves, Drows, Selkies, Sirens, Centaurs, Minotaurs, Satyrs

*sighs for eternity into the sun*

Okay, so apparently something needs to be reiterated for those in the back.

Spirits do not fit in your teeny tiny little box of beliefs on what they should be. Just because the mythology says one thing doesn’t mean that every single Spirit has to follow it. I have dealt with a vegan Psy vampire that fed off of ambient energy. I have several Fae in my Family that actually have my best interest in mind. I have an entire pack of hellhounds that are not big black dogs that try to harm people at every chance you get. I have seen a “Black Arts” faun and “White Arts” mermaids (no drowning of men required!)

This is the Spirit world we are talking about. The Astral plane and more. If you can’t wrap your head around the very idea that not everything fits your box then maybe this isn’t the path for you.